Second Passport Book for US: How to Apply in 2024?

April 24, 2024

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When you hear that someone has two US passports to travel internationally, it gets confusing. Aren’t you supposed to have one valid passport and one or a few old passports with punch holes?

Indeed, applying for a second passport is not an ordinary situation and doesn’t happen to everyone. However, passport holders can have two US passports at a time. It’s totally fine. These passports will be both valid.

Of course, a US citizen doesn’t get a secondary passport to add some pizzazz. It’s a mere necessity to travel to other countries due to specific circumstances.

Let’s discover what a second passport is, why you might need one, and how to apply for a 2nd passport in 2024.

In Focus

What is a second passport?

A second US passport is a regular passport issued in addition to

the original one by the US authorities in specific cases.

It’s usually called a duplicate passport. But of course, it’s rather a temporary substitution than a copy of your passport. The second new passport has issuance and expiration dates of its own. The passport number will differ too.

The validity of a second passport is four or fewer years as opposed to ten years with a regular one. It will have the same personal data on the photo page that your ten-year-validity passport has. The latter will be still valid within its expiration date.

To apply for and get a 2nd passport, US citizens need to meet the requirements and be eligible to do so.

Why do you need a second passport?

applying for a second us passport

There is an opinion that duplicate passports come in handy in one mere case. It’s when another government can refuse entry to the country if your passport displays evidence of traveling to specific countries. It’s not completely true. Put it like this, it’s not the only case.

Here are some situations when a person may be eligible for a second duplicate passport:

  • Frequent multiple visas. Typical second passport holders travel internationally a lot and require new visas non-stop. These are employees of multinational companies who visit different countries. It can also be international airline representatives that do frequent international travel.
  • Emergency international travel is another case when a person can get a second passport book. It often occurs with business travel when you can’t obtain your visa in time.
  • The duplicate passport can be issued when validation to enter a certain restricted foreign territory is required.
  • As we mentioned earlier, one of the most frequent reasons for a secondary passport is when an applicant needs to travel to a foreign country, but they won’t be able to get an entry permit if applying with their current passport. It’s all because of a visa or exit stamp from previous trips that the original passport stores. And of course, an applicant can’t remove such official marks for objective reasons. The passport will be altered and become invalid.

Also note that if you lost your second passport and you fly out soon, you must report the loss to the US consulate or embassy if you reside abroad or to the passport agency if you’re in the States.

A first passport plus a second valid passport

getting a second passport us

Applying for a second valid US passport book

Though you need to have certain circumstances to use passport service and apply for a 2nd passport, the procedure is as usual. Here are the steps you are required to take in order to obtain a second extra passport.

1. Photo rules for a second additional passport

There are no specific requirements for photos for a secondary passport. The rules to take a compliant photo for your document are just as they are for any US passport:

  • The photo must have a white or off-white background.
  • It must be 2×2 inches in size.
  • Your look must be directed right into the camera.
  • Your face must be visible.

For instance, getting a passport photo from CVS Pharmacy is a good place to start. You can also take a photo online without leaving home. Upload a photo now and get results at once.

2. Passport application for second passports

You need to apply with a completed application, which is the standard Form DS-82 that you would use for passport renewal. Usually, it’s enough to kickstart the process. There can be two scenarios of what will happen to your ten-year-validity passport.

The first scenario is when your ten-year validity passport is invalidated when you submit it with Form DS-82. It’s when you are fully eligible to renew your passport. All you need to do here is to send your completed form, current passport, and supporting documents. Please check if you qualify to renew by the link

The second scenario is when you’re not eligible to renew your current passport and you don’t have to attach your full-validity passport to your paperwork. Then, you select Form DS-11 and apply in person at the passport agency.

3. Fill out a second passport application form

can you have 2 us passports

Your best way to go with the passport application process is to complete a relevant form on the official website of the US Department of State. Leverage the online tool at It’s called a Form Filler. It will help you fill in quickly and correctly.

4. Present a signed statement for a second US passport

To apply for a second US passport book, applicants must also complete a statement and attach it to the supporting documents. The statement must transparently explain the reason for submitting the required documents and applying for a passport duplicate. You can download a statement sample by the link

5. Pay the fee

Typically, second passport fees are similar to those of a full-validity passport. Currently, you need to pay $165 if you are 16 years old and over. It includes an acceptance fee and an application fee. To get the latest information on the current fees, please follow the link


How to get a second passport?

To get a 2nd passport, you need to fill out a relevant application form online or offline and provide a signed statement, explaining why you need a second duplicate passport. If eligible, you can renew your passport and invalidate your full-validity passport. If not eligible, you can apply in person and keep your 10-year validity passport.

Finally, pay the application fee and submit a completed application by mail, at the passport office, or passport agency.

What is the application for a second (duplicate) passport?

If you’re eligible to renew, you need Form DS-82 to get a replacement duplicate passport. If you can’t submit your full-validity passport, then you apply with Form DS-11. The forms are available on the US Department of State’s website.

Can you have two US passports?

No matter how unusual it may sound, US citizens can have two US passport books simultaneously. Typically, it happens when you cannot use your current passport to go to certain countries with your passport stamps or visas you already have. And you have to get a duplicate passport. This way, you hold two passports: one passport with a full expiration period and the second passport for four years of validity or less for international travel.