Top 6 School ID Solutions in 2024: Cards, Templates, Safety

January 7, 2024

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While school IDs are all about security and experience, educational institutions should be able to make the right choice when selecting the school’s high-quality ID system.

In this article, you’ll learn what the key elements of school IDs are and the top solutions you’ll find in the market today with web links to visit.

In Focus

Why do school IDs matter?

School ID cards are indeed about identity and security as their main focus is to control access to the establishment. At the same time, they provide full experience to their younger holders and the school staff. Properly designed school IDs can streamline ID card issuance, ID card design changes, mobile credentials, and unique school branding.

They promote a sense of belonging among pupils and ensure secure access to your school with personalized identification badges. Only with a one-card solution, school personal IDs give access to school spaces, services, and more.

Pro tip 1:

School children’s IDs are also useful for getting discounts within the community, such as at the theater or museum.

Key elements of school ID system

The school ID system provides your school with several layers of security and offers the functionality you need. They protect access control to your school facilities and secure the information stored within school ID cards.

School safe IDs improve the experience across a few areas. They provide every member’s true identity that can be trusted, ensure safety, and protect privacy. School ID systems also provide efficiency by streamlining processes across your school with the solution. It’s especially vital with the children population growing in the institution and staff turnover.

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Key Components of school ID cards

While selecting the best school ID solution, consider the design and the key features the school ID card system can offer:

  • The Name section can include not only the name but also a nickname or honorific, year of study, or department.
  • Role identification should specify the position, faculty, and staff.
  • Make sure the text and design comply with ADA standards.
  • A barcode or QR code can be displayed
  • School branding identity options help support your school’s identity.
  • Security properties in design like holograms, security strips, etc. help to strengthen the system against fake school IDs and fraud.

Top six school ID solutions for your purpose

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With the above characteristics in mind, you can choose from a few solutions in the market that you’ll easily find on the web. Here’s a list of top school ID systems for your consideration:

1. Entrust

The company specializes in identity verification as a service, provides the whole school ID card system, and simplifies ID card issuance and management for in-house administrators in the institution.

They pay special attention to design to meet Generation Z’s demands and needs, who are known to be tech-savvy, social multitaskers with short attention spans and high expectations.

Entrust offers to increase efficiency and productivity in managing user access and permissions, printers and school ID makers, and beautiful designs of credentials with intuitive and innovative software.

For more details, please visit

2. ID Creator

ID Creators offer pre-made plastic ID cards to choose from, making it easy and fast for the school to design its own school professional ID card.

It allows institutions to secure their entrance, their access to specific rooms or buildings.

The price varies from $8 to $11. You can order school ID cards in vertical or horizontal orientation.

For more info, go to

3. EasyIDcard

EasyIDcard provides a safer school environment and looks for the best ways when implementing security identification badges. They offer cost-effective, on-demand-ID-badge-printing service, with no minimum order requirements and fast turnaround.

They also offer free templates, easy ID ordering, and same-day shipping.

To learn more, please follow the link

4. Academic Excellence

School professional IDs from AE are manufactured from 30 mil PVC which is also used for driver’s licenses and credit cards. It can pay for itself very quickly.

They also offer a $2.00 discount if the institution selects the Academic Excellence card design that helps share the AE brand on school ID cards.

You can find more details on

5. SchoolSafeID

SchoolSafeID offers safety solutions for schools across the US.

The School Safe ID systems are completely cloud-based. It allows faster and easier installation times and data collection and gathering.

The entrance systems are designed to be self-service, with check-ins averaging between 10-12 seconds per visitor. The system acts as a gateway and also as an attendance log into the entrance school. The kiosks capture not only visitors but also children entering the school early or late.

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6. Badgy

Badgy offers school IDs to be made yourself with a school ID template that is difficult to fake on a durable plastic card.

It allows you to easily identify children in your elementary school or during extracurricular activities. Badgy school ID cards provide a simple and robust way of identifying the name, class, and permissions of each child.

It also gives access to many additional services: library and cafeteria cards, interior signage, or an identification badge for teachers or outside contractors working in your school, visitor or chaperone badges for parents involved in school or extracurricular activities, invitations or badges for all events organized by your establishment.

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