Can You Wear a Headband in a Passport Photo? All Tips for Valid Pic

January 7, 2024

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In Focus

US passport photo headband

We can translate our uniqueness in different ways, and accessories do a great job in this respect. Let’s discuss if headbands can be worn in a US passport photo.

We’re not going to beat around the bush. Unfortunately, you cannot wear headbands and hairbands when taking a passport photo for your baby or yourself. Though seemingly subtle and discreet, you can’t wear them for a passport photo shoot. According to the U.S. Department of State official guidelines, your key biometric characteristics must be easily identified by passport office officials, as well as customs officers, when travelling. Headbands must not get in the way.

Hair bow in passport photo

The rule works for other accessories as well, like handcrafted pins, luxury clips, and combs, that might be visible in a passport picture. Noticeable decorative barrettes, bobbies, and hair clasps for a passport photo are not a great idea either.

Pro tip: Keep it moderate and classic. It’s not about beauty or self-presentation, but about your face biometrics and identification.


The best way is to opt for small, not-catching-the-eye pins and clips.

Add-ons to headband in passport photo

Apart from headbands in passport photographs, you can also question whether headwear is allowed. What is the situation with hats, caps, beanies, and scarves?

If you’re a big fan of headwear, and a cap is your casual everyday style, you’ll have to take it off just for a few minutes for a valid passport photo.

Pro tip: To make the passport picture without a headband, but mostly conveniently, tap into our easy-to-use passport photo online tool.


PhotoBooth Online is always ready to take your compliant photo according to the passport photo hair rules. To make a valid passport photo, upload a pic or take a new one. The tool and visual experts will take care of everything else in minutes. No passport photo appointment needed!

Infant passport photo with headband

Though absolutely adorable and likeable, you can’t put a headband or a hair bow on your baby’s head. That would violate the passport photo requirement.

can babies wear headbands in passport photos

Summing up

TLDR: Not to get a passport photo rejected, follow the general rule. Do not wear a headband, hair bow, or other excessive accessories in passport pictures. And you’ll go through the passport application process smoothly.

Make the most of our passport photo online tool to get a verified image according to the official guidelines. It will help you to nail the task in minutes. Let the tool worry about a clear image, off-white background, shadows, and all the rest.

Happy passport photographing!


Can babies wear headbands in passport photos?

No. Just like adults, minors are not supposed to have headbands.

Can an infant passport photo be taken with a headband on?

No. Though the passport photo rules for infants are more lenient, headbands are not allowed in a passport.

Can you wear a headband in your passport photo?

Unfortunately, you can’t wear a headband or hairband. That said, a head covering can be worn in a passport photo for medical purposes or religious reasons. In these cases, you are to attach a written statement letter or a doctor’s note to your passport application.

Are headbands allowed in passport photos?

Headbands are not allowed in a passport photo, just like other head accessories.