Beard In Passport Photo: Stubble Or Clean Shaved Only?

January 5, 2024

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passport photo beard

If you got your passport photograph taken before, you’re likely to know that it’s all about visibility and recognition. What about the omnipresent brutal bearded look, so beloved by street style and the boys for its cool looks and practicality?

It seems a bit cruel to have your fancy beard shaved off to get a new passport photo, don’t you think? On the other hand, while it adds some pizzazz to your appearance, it does not provide more visibility. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

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In Focus

Can I have a beard in my passport photo?

An interesting thing comes to mind. If you get rid of your beard for a passport pic, you’ll start growing it the minute you close down your web page with a passport photo tool or walk out of a photo studio. And of course, when you have itchy feet, you’ll be traveling through borders with your facial hair on again. What are we supposed to remember here?

The rule for beard on passport photo

According to the US Department of State, the facial hair for new passport photos is thumbs-up. You can have a beard in a passport photo, as it is not considered a significant change to your appearance.

It can’t alter your biometrics, unlike a cosmetic or reconstructive plastic operation on your face, unfortunate trauma of your nose, facial tattoos, or a change of gender identity. If biometrics are fine – you’re safe to go.

What a relief! Let’s clear out the rest of the uncertainties one by one.

New passport photo with beard: green lights

Following the rule, feel free to grow your beard and wear it to get a new passport image and apply for a new passport in person or online. No need to rush to the barbershop. You or your partner, who might adore your beard too, will have no inconvenience with changing your style. The same is true for a mustache, stubble, whiskers, or moderate sideburns in passport picture rules of the country.

Sideburns and other facial hair in passport photo

No razor blades are necessary if you’re an owner of a mustache, and you’re going to take your passport photos. However, watch your bushy sideburns. They should not cover your jawline too much so that your face is not obscured in your passport picture.

Half beard on passport photos

passport photo with beard

Another rare occasion to look out for is when your beard is halfway through the edges of the picture of your passport. Make sure you wear it so that it’s entirely in the passport pic. By the way, the same holds true for a samurai knot and alike.

Beards might be partially visible in the image if they’re too long, which is fine, and you do not need to chop it off specifically to get a new passport photograph.

Pro tip 1: If your facial hair can’t fit the headshot, here’s what you should look into. Double-check your head is centered right between one and one 3/8 inches in the middle of the image. If your face is a close-up, you need to adjust the dimensions and zoom out.

Valid beard in passport photo

It’s probably easier said than done. So what’s the plan? There’s an answer to stop worrying about your facial hair and to verify your passport snapshot to meet all the requirements, including facial hair, background, prescription glasses off, appearance in check, and many more.

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There is also the most convenient and cheapest way to get your picture for your passport, with or without a beard. For example, a passport photo at a post office at another store, or pharmacy. With our clear recommendations, get everything you need in minutes and for less than a dollar.


I have a beard in my recent passport photo and I shaved it clean. Is it bad?

It’s absolutely fine. You can change the style of your facial hair for a passport photo, including beards, whiskers, mustache, sunburns, and stubble with no risk of not meeting the standards.

Do I need to shave my beard for a passport photo?

No, you do not need to remove your beard for your perfect passport photo according to the Department of State. Shaved or not, you’ll be ok.

Can I have a beard in my U.S. passport photo?

Yes, you can. There isn’t a problem if you wear it or prefer clean-shaved. It’s up to you. By this, you will not breach any rule and your image will be accepted by the authorities.