Can I Change My Passport Photo? Or Redo a Picture

January 6, 2024

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can you change your passport photo when renewing

Imagine, you’re at the airport. Time flies, but not here apparently. Hey, let’s play a game. Show me your passport photo, I’ll show you mine. And then you wish your passport photo were a bit less awkward. Can relate?

You must be as sensitive about passport photos as we are. If you’re not a big fan of your photo, let’s learn when and how you can retake and change your passport photos.

In Focus

Can I change my passport photo anytime?

It’s pretty obvious that you can change a passport photo if you get a new hard or electronic copy in a retail store or a pharmacy. You can use a website or online service and even order a delivery to your door with new photos for your document. Say, you leave near the CVS or search for its closest location, you can print a new variant of your passport picture in the photo center and even save a CVS digital passport photo for later purposes. Additionally, you need to learn on what conditions you can swap your picture in the document.

There are a few reasons why you’d want to change your passport picture. Apart from your reckoning, you’re not your best self in the picture, the customs officers might also second-guess if it’s really you in a pic. If once or twice you have not been recognized by the Airport Recognition Software, it might be a good idea to get another photo for your passport, indeed.

At a high level, the answer is yes, you can change your passport photo. However, there are a few important things you should know:

  • You can’t change your passport photo without changing your passport.
  • There are official reasons for changing your passport and passport photo.
  • You will need to renew your passport by mail, and the old one will not be valid at once. In other cases and in person, you need to apply for a new passport with a new photo instead of an existing passport photo.

Can you change your passport photo before it expires?

There is another issue that comes up with the change of your passport photo and your passport. As we know, the shelf-life of the US passport for adults is 10 years. If the passport serves you right and hasn’t expired yet, you will need to apply for its renewal to change your photo. It’s a bit of a hassle if you have a recent visa. You’ll have to travel with both of your passports then: a new one and an old one.

Rather than that, you can change your passport photo while getting a new passport before the document expires.

changing passport photo

Can you change your passport picture: how and when?

If your situation meets one of the following examples, you can get your document renewed with a changed passport photo by mail:

  • when your passport is lost, damaged, or stolen,
  • issued when or after you turned sixteen,
  • issued on your current name or you can document your name is different now,
  • obtained within the last fifteen years.

Passport renewals require filling out the special form, which you can find on the Department of State website and mailing it to the State Department address. If you do not match any of the criteria, you will have to apply for a new passport with a new photo and passport application personally.

When can you change your passport photo?

Your official obligation to change your passport photo comes when one of the following conditions holds true. You might have been dieting for some time and lost a lot of weight or you gained considerable weight, and your face appearance changed. It’s also true when you have applied or removed a large amount of facial piercings or tattoos. Gender transition, significant facial surgery, or traumas are among the reasons to change your passport picture as well.

If the changes in your face appearance are notable, you’re strongly recommended to put your current passport in a drawer and get a new document with a new passport photo. Even if none of your features was significantly changed, you can still change your document and your passport photo.

can i change my passport photo

Change passport photo: the best ways

The most common places to get a passport picture taken and printed anew are a post office, drugstores, well-known retail stores, and some libraries. However, you can get a new passport photo with our service. And with recommendations on how to make it light on your wallet. Sounds right?

Retake your passport photo

All you need is to find your recent photo and upload it to PhotoBooth Online or retake a new passport photo using our supercharged online tool. Either mentioned example will help you to apply for a renewal or get a new passport no problem at all. The photo will meet all the rules set by the US government and will not add up to the examples of rejected passport photos.


Can I change my passport photo when renewing?

Yes. You can change your passport photo with passport renewal. Be confident, you submit a compliant photo when you renew your passport. It must be with the required background, right proportions, in color, exposed face, no masked tattoos, no significant digital alterations, etc. Only then, it will meet the US passport office rules and be regarded as valid by customs officers around the globe, when you travel.

Can I retake my passport photo?

Yes, you can retake a picture for your passport before it expires for the reason you don’t like the photo. What you need to do is to go to the official website of the State Department and fill in the relevant form. If you qualify, you’ll get a document with a retaken passport photo you like.

Can you change the photo on your passport?

Yes, you can change your image on your passport, provided you are renewing your passport or applying for a new one.