How to Dress Baby for Passport Photo? No-Fluff Easy Answers

January 6, 2024

2 min. read


baby passport photo clothes

The guidelines for baby passport photo clothes feature the same bullet points as those for grown-ups. Isn’t there any difference when it comes to babies’ and infants’ dress for it?

We’re not going to theorize in this article. Instead, we’ll walk you hand-in-hand through all the practical components of how to dress a baby for a official photo and get approval from the passport office.

In Focus

What should baby wear for passport photo?

All the passport photo rules on how to dress a baby issued by the State Department can be divided into four categories: headgear, accessories, color, and attire. Double-check these points before dressing an infant for a shooting.

Headgear and accessories

The simple rule here is no headgear and hair accessories – no problem. Religious purposes or medical reasons are the exceptions to bear in mind. Get written proof in case of such circumstances.

What color baby wear in passport photo?

You can opt for any color for clothes to suit you both. Remember, it’s worth choosing something brighter or darker. This way, you won’t let clothes in a baby’s passport photo “vanish” against the white or off-white background required.


can my baby wear a bow in passport photo

The most relieving component is that there isn’t any obligation to dress up your baby for passport photos the smartest way you can. Though the temptation is high, stay focused. Keep off all glitter and shine. It’s not about fabulous clothes, but about eligible baby’s dressing with no glare or reflection. The latter can easily cause a blurry passport picture. And we don’t want that.

The even more relaxing thing is that some insignificant smudges in an infant’s clothes for a shoot are fine too.

They will like you just the way you’re!

Baby clothes for passport photo

It all sounds suspiciously easy! What is the catch?

Though the baby’s clothes for passport photo are pretty straightforward, you have to remember there is a long list of requirements to follow along the road. It will include the right dimension, a head between 1 and 1 3/8 inches, appropriate background, close-to-neutral facial expression, no laughing and smiling, and all that jazz.

Sure, some help won’t hurt!

How to dress baby for passport photo easily

Take your baby’s passport photos in clothes it wears every day with the PhotoBooth Online and sweep the weight off your shoulders. The service will verify your baby’s passport photo with clothes. You will take as many pictures anew and compliant as you like without you taking a fussy little one to a photo studio full of people. Happy and easy photography!


Is there passport photo dress code for infants?

No. There are no strict rules on how to dress your infant for a passport picture. It’s all about recognition, convenience and everyday infant apparel.

Can a baby wear a bow in passport photo?

No. Babies cannot wear a bow in a passport photo according to the official passport photo guidelines, no matter how gorgeous it comes out in a picture. Any hair accessories, headbands, and beautifiers are a no-go when you decide on how to dress a baby for a perfect official photo. Passport and customs officers must be able to identify them from the passport picture now and in years to come. The identification comes first.

What’s the passport photo newborn dress code in the USA?

There is no dress code required by the US Department of State on how to dress newborns for it.

Is there any changing dress for child photo on passport?

There aren’t any changes. The everyday clothing is absolutely fine. Make sure the color of the attire contrasts the off-white background and that there is no headwear or additional accessories on a child.

Is there passport photos dress code for an infant?

No. There are no strict rules on how to dress an infant for a passport photo. It’s all about recognition, convenience and everyday infant apparel. However, learn more about the cases of a rejected infant passport photo, which is not a rare occasion.