Absent Parent Passport Form for Consent: From DS 3053

May 29, 2024

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absent parent form for passport

If you’ve ever dealt with the regulations on acquiring a passport, you probably know that children under the age of 16 can’t independently apply for their passports. A passport book or card—it doesn’t matter. They need to have both parents or legal guardians who would authorize the passport issuance.

Of course, it’s the best way when both parents accompany the child through the passport application process. However, it’s not always possible to accomplish. For various reasons. That’s where you might need the absent parent DS-3053 passport form.

In this article, we’ll put together information and links for updates on the missing parent passport form and passport parental consent. So you could go through the passport application process and authorization to travel without friction.

In Focus

What is the absent parent passport form DS-3053?

An absent parent passport form is a passport parental consent form that has to be attached to the child’s passport application when a parent is absent.

Like with every legal question, there are a lot of nuances that come up with the paperwork. Following them accurately will let you avoid a lot of trouble reapplying with your documents.

Let’s discuss the cases you might encounter while arranging a parent’s authorization to travel for your child.

If you also need a photo for your child’s passport application, you can snap a valid passport picture right here on this page. Use your mobile phone or upload an existing photo to get a verified 2×2 inch photo according to official parameters right away. You can also get one at a drugstore, a store, or a post office as a USPS passport photo.

Cases when you need an absent or missing parent passport form

absent parent form for passport

Case 1

If you have sole legal authority, you need to apply with appropriate evidence. You might require one of the following documents to showcase your sole legal authority:

  • Divorce decree or other custody order for sole custody.
  • Court order with special permission to lodge paperwork for your child’s passport.
  • Birth certificate stating you are the only parent (certified copy).
  • Adoption decree stating you are the only parent (certified copy).
  • Incompetence judicial declaration of the other parent unable to appear for passport application.
  • Other parent death certificate (certified copy).

Please note that documents in other languages rather than English must contain translations.

Case 2

There are cases when the legal guardian of the child is an office or institution. In such situations, the following identification documents must appear in the passport application:

  • Court order (certified copy).
  • Employee’s ID that is applying on behalf of the office or institution.
  • Office or institution approval that the employee can act on behalf of the office or institution.
  • Completed Form DS-3053 presented at

Please note that certified copies must be not older than 3 months. You can’t scan or photocopy the originals for the application.

Case 3

parent authorization to travel

If one parent or legal guardian is unable to come for the child’s passport application, there is Form DS-3053 that they can fill out and submit.

They need to get Form DS 3053 dated and signed in the presence of a certified notary public. The other thing to be done is to attach their ID photocopy (front and back side) used for the notary public together with Form DS-3053.

To conveniently fill in the form, employ the Form Filler on the official website of the US Department of State by the link

To get the most up-to-date information on the child’s passport application and the necessity to attach an absent parent passport form, please visit the link:

Please note: DS 3053 is usually notarized by a notary public locally. However, it’s not the case with every country.

To learn more details, please visit the U.S. embassy or consulate official site at

Case 4

If neither parent can be present for the child’s passport application, a 3d party can apply for a passport with Form DS-3053. You can see the example at

  • A notarized permitting statement may be given to a third party by the two parents or guardians.
  • Parents’ or guardians’ identification must be attached (photocopy).

Please note: the absent-parent authorization in writing has to be recent, that is not more than 90 days before you apply.

What is the absent parent form for passport DS-5525?

What is the form for unavailable parent passport?

Case 5

If the location of the second parent can’t be traced, you need to submit Form DS-5525 like in the example here:

  • Contribute fully to the form with all the details.
  • Attach evidence like a custody order, incarceration order, or restraining order to protect against international parental child abduction.
  • Parents on duty may provide a notarized Form DS 3053.


Every case with parent authorization to travel is individual. Some will need an absent father’s passport form or passport parental consent. To get more information, please visit

In any case, there needs to be evidence of a missing or absent parent and a completed form for a passport.