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Get 2x2 inches passport photos done for you now. Print and pick up 6 perfectly sized passport pictures at any store or get them shipped home. Process in minutes with our easy-to-use editor.

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Get your 2x2-inch sized photos validated. No need to learn the requirements. Trained experts and AI editor will do the job for you. Pick up verified 2 by 2 inch pictures the same day. Resized and checked for U.S. official rules: off-white background, head/eye position, shadows, hair, color saturation, etc.

Shipping Home

Get 2x2 inches photos delivered to your home shortly and stress-free. Order your 2 by 2 pictures in two quick steps: take picture, order shipping. We'll do the rest: resize, verify, safely dispatch four compliant 2x2 passport photos.

Digital 2x2 Photo

Get a digital 2x2 passport photo online. Get it by email or download at once. It’ll be converted to high-resolution JPEG in color, 24 bits per pixel, between 600 pixels and 1200 pixels. It’ll come out 2x2 inches/5.1x5.1 сm in size as a ready photo. Upload or take a picture now.

How to Get 2x2 Photos for Passport?

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Best Options for 2x2 Photos with PhotoBooth Online

  1. 2x2 Picture for Cents Real?

    To print passport photos cheap today, obtain a digital 4x6 template with six identical passport photos on our site. Print it as a 4x6 inch photo at the nearest store for the best price possible. It usually varies from $0.08 to $0.40 only. Cut the 2x2 pictures out and attach to your passport application.
  2. Digital 2x2 Photo

    Whether you need a digital template with six 2x2 photos for your in-person application or a single JPEG, we've got this. If you submit a digital photo, your image must be between 1200x1200 pixels and 600x600 pixels with a compression ratio of 20:1. Additionally, your 2x2 photo is to be recent, not older than 6 months, no matter whether digital or paper variant.
  3. 2x2 Color Photo Specs

    The next-generation passport with enhanced durability and security features comes out with a black-and-white photo for their applicants. Don't be confused. USA citizens need to hand in 2x2 color passport photos to the passport office. Double-check by yourself that your pic adheres to all the parameters or trust that to our online editor and 2x2 inch picture of yours will be accepted on your first attempt.
  4. 2x2 Inch Size Photos

    Get perfect square passport photos of 2 x 2 inches or 5.1 by 5.1 in cm with high resolution, without blurry spots or pixelated, grainy dots, with correct eye position. Also, note that passport offices do not accept digitally enhanced pictures with applied social media filters or selfies. There must be ample space between the portrait and the edges of the photo. Follow these recommendations, or use a reliable photo online service for your peace of mind.
  5. Compliant Photo Paper

    If you have a printer, why not get the advantage of your home technology? If you think you need special quality paper, we couldn't agree more. Swing by a photocopying shop or a marketplace and pick what's suitable for your future 2x2 passport pictures. Get matte or glossy 4x6 postcard paper, which is the most popular size. Then, you only need to cut out 2x2 photos for your passport. Remember to get a 4x6 template here on our website.
  6. Why AI to Convert 2x2 Photos?

    Trained experts will do the final check. Meanwhile AI Face Recognition Technology helps security officers identify travelers at airports around the world and assists passport photo experts to do the job at their best to provide you with a 2x2 photo with guaranteed acceptance. Too good to be true? Now it is true. Use our AI-backed service and converter, print by yourself or choose suitable shipping to your address and you're set to apply for your passport.


  1. Where to get a 2x2 passport photo?

    You have a variety of ways to get a 2×2 color passport photo. These are well-known-to-all stores, pharmacies, some libraries, community centers, private studios, physical booths, and expedite services. These facilities will provide you with 2×2 biometric photos for $15 to $20 dollars for a pair. The fee will vary depending on the facility.
    To obtain 2×2 picture easy and cheap, follow our first-hand actionable tips. Get a flawless 6-photo template on our site. Search online for the closest printing facility, type in “print passport-size photos near me“, get a location, and get it there as a four-by-six postcard. Usually, it’s from $0.08 up to $0.40 for six 2×2 inch photos.
    These options are way too good to miss out on them. Have a try during this passport application process and you’ll retake this path in 10 years for your next document.

  2. How to get a 2x2 passport photo?

    You might accomplish the 2×2 passport-style photo mission at your place without leaving your house. Ask a friend or a family member to take a picture, or if you prefer, set up a tripod. Use one of the apps, or even better, a service like PhotoBooth Online and we’ll steer you in the right direction. Don’t worry, our online editor is a total breeze to use. Upload a pic to our site. Wait 4 seconds. Done!
    This way, you convert into a 2×2 photo stress-free that meets all passport requirements, including the 2-by-2 inch size, not too dark photo without shadows, not blurry, and with the correct background. And it won’t be an awkward one as you have a handful of unlimited attempts to take your best snapshot for your long-lasting US passport.

  3. What Is 2x2 photo size and 2x2 Passport Style Photo?

    If you are about to get a 2 x 2 picture of US passport style, you arrived at the right place. 2 x 2 inches are the dimensions for a square ratio photo for a 10-year-lasting US passport. You also need to pay attention to head positioning which is 1-1 ⅜ inches between the top of the head and the tip of the chin. You’ll need to adjust the lighting and make sure you wear your everyday clothes, no statement or shiny accessories, etc. Preparing and taking a 2×2 biometric passport photo will take a few minutes. In the long run, it will save you time, money, and a good vibe.
    2x2 photo
    You might wonder what is the full list of official requirements. Let’s take the guesswork out of here. Our tool will resize, crop, convert and verify the image you take with your smartphone camera for all and every criterion so that you get a 2×2 perfect photo online. Without big fees, we hand you a picture of the right size and resolution, no shadows, with your full face in the frame and a checked background, without uniforms or headwear, etc.
    It’s also preferable to keep off from white clothes in a 2×2 passport pic as you might look “clothesless” against the off-white background. Sounds like a lot of work? Not at all! Trust your 2×2 passport picture to our restless AI-backed tool that delivers a fully valid image in a matter of seconds.
    Once you get a 2×2 passport style photo online as a JPEG file of the correct pixel number, you need to print it at the best reasonable price on the right photo paper. It’s allowed to be either matte or glossy. Understanding that the market prices are high, we aim at the best delivery, shipping, and helpful options for our users. Read above to own the clear instructions for the 2×2 affordable photos.