Sainsbury’s Photo Booth: All About In-Store Service + Online Method for £2.95

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Whether you need digital passport photos or prints, Sainsbury’s is a go-to for both. If you’re unfamiliar with how their services work, read our complete guide to learn all ins and outs.

You’ll also learn a hassle-free alternative that allows you to skip the trip to Sainsbury’s—our online service. With its help, you can take a compliant photo right at home without using complicated booths.

This way, you’ll save over 60% on your pictures—and get more at a lower price.


Are Photo Booths at Sainsbury’s Open?

Yes, they’re still using Photo-Me machines.

But not all Sainsbury’s stores have them! So, before you go to get your pictures, it’s better to check if your local store offers this service at all.

Where Can I Find a Sainsbury’s Passport Photo Booth Near Me?

Don’t look it up on Google, as it simply won’t show all the details you need.

For a more informed result, find the branches with Photo-Me or other passport photo booths by using the official store locator.

It’s very user-friendly: just enter your postcode/city and click on the looking glass icon. In an instant, you’ll see a map with all the stores in your area, including the ones with passport photo booths.

Plus, it’ll show the store details (like contact information and opening hours) and directions.

How Much is a Sainsbury’s Passport Photo?

The total price depends on the type of document you need pictures for.

Namely, standard passport photos cost £10.

For this price, you’ll get a set of five printed pictures and a digital code. The price is the same in all stores, whatever Sainsbury’s passport photo booth you use.

How Much Are Pictures for Other Documents?

In case you’re looking for other ID photos or international passport photos, the prices will vary. Usually, it’s £10 to £15, depending on what identification you need.

If you’d like to get photos far cheaper,
try our quick and easy online service!

Get Passport Photos Now

How to Take a Picture in a Sainsbury’s Photo Booth?

When used, these in-store photo machines give you clear instructions on what to do. However, if you need a general impression of how the process looks like, here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Find a Photo Machine and Start It Up

Come to a Sainsbury store with a photo booth. Check that it’s vacant and take a seat in front of the touchscreen. Tap the screen to start.

2. Have Your Image Taken

Select the option with passport photos, look through the examples of photo booth pictures and hit OK.

You’ll see a guiding oval—sit upright and adjust so that your head is inside it, then tap OK. After a countdown, the photo booth will take an image of you, check it against the HM passport office rules and show you a preview. If you’re happy with how it looks, tap OK.

3. Check Out

On the shopping basket screen, select a quantity (one set is usually enough) and a payment method. Hit OK one last time and make the payment (standard passport photos cost £10).

Once it’s processed, the photo booth will print out five copies of your new passport picture with a digital code.

How to Save Money on Sainsbury’s Passport Photos

In-store photo booths are very easy to use and convenient, but they’re also relatively expensive. Thankfully, there’s a way to save over 60%—use the PhotoBooth Online service!

Here’s why it may suit you better:

a comparison of the offline and online method

PhotoBooth Online works as follows: you upload a regular snapshot of yourself—and we make a new, 100% valid passport photo from it!

a valid portrait created from a casual snapshot

With a picture prepared here, you’ll have three ways to go:

  • Submit It Online: Perfect if you don’t want any further expense.

  • Have It Printed In-Store: At Sainsbury’s or any other place—for under a pound!

  • Order Delivery: This way, you’ll get 8 prints (more than at a Sainsbury’s store).

This method is even easier than Sainsbury’s photo booths: you won’t need to look for participating branches and scroll through store details to find a suitable place. All you need is a camera smartphone and Internet connection.

Here’s how you get a passport photo online using PhotoBooth:

1. Take a Casual Photo

Grab your camera phone and take a regular photo of yourself. It can be any size as long as your entire head and upper shoulders are in the frame.

Also, you don’t need to look for a plain background (like the one in passport photo booths)—your background can be absolutely anything.

2. Upload the Photo

Open this page and tap the green button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be asked to choose a photo to add—upload the image you’ve just taken.

Once uploaded, it’ll be cropped to the standard UK passport photo aspect ratio. Then, we’ll remove its background, replacing it with a uniform light grey colour.

3. Preview and Verification

As soon as the processing is over (it takes less than a minute), you’ll see a preview of your passport photo. Have a good look at it—to make sure you like how your new photograph looks before you go on. If you aren’t happy, retake the photo as many times as you need (which isn’t an option in a passport photo booth).

Once you take a photo you love, we’ll check your image, ensuring it’s in line with the official passport photo requirements and size.

Then, you’ll be taken to the final step.

4. Check Out

Once at the checkout page, you’ll have two packages to choose from:

DIGITAL – £2.95

Includes a single digital image, a photo code and a convenient passport photo printing template. You can use the single image or the code to submit your application to the HM Passport Office online—without any further charges.

If you’ve got a paper application and need printouts for it, bring the print-ready template to any suitable place (including Sainsbury’s) and have it printed—usually it costs less than a pound.

DIGITAL + 8 PRINTS – £6.95

Includes all of the above plus eight 35×45 photos printed out on high-quality paper—the printouts will be shipped to you in a couple of days for free.


Even today, a classic passport photo booth remains a tried-and-tested method to get compliant images. With our guide, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding and using one of Sainsbury photo booths.

However, the online method allows you to save time and get a valid photo in a few minutes, without worrying about opening times or even leaving your home. What’s more, you’ll save money, too!

While Sainsbury’s photo booths cost at least £10, PhotoBooth pictures are £2.95 to £6.95 only, depending on the package you choose.

For example, you can get a digital passport photo here for £2.95 and then print it out in a local store. With Sainsbury’s photo printing prices, it’ll cost under a pound—the overall cost will be less than £4!

Plus, unlike many services, PhotoBooth offers a 100% money-back guarantee in the unlikely case your photo is rejected.

Hit the button below—give it a try!