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Why Use PhotoBooth Online for Rite Aid Passport Photo?

FREE Digital Photo

Our PhotoBooth tool prepares passport photos online. You only pay for biometric photo printouts at any store, not exactly for the Rite Aid store's passport photo. Save your money and effort. Get a result at once!

Government Compliance

Your passport photo template for Rite Aid will meet all the official mandatory parameters. It is strictly verified for compliance with rules. And it’s all set and done in one place.

Image Preparation Online

Upload your existing photo to PhotoBooth Online or take it with your phone. The image will be corrected and resized instantly and automatically. No airbrush, no forbidden alterations, no drama.

Right Size, Print-Friendly Format

You get passport style photo of the required size, ready for a photo printing service. Head proportions, background color, brightness are all controlled.

How to get Passport Photo for Rite Aid Store?

  1. Take your selfie
    STEP 1
    Upload/Take Photo
  2. Download your photo
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    Download Passport Photo

8 PhotoBooth Online Advantages Over Rite Aid Passport Picture

  1. No Cost

    Get your perfect passport photos prepared for free. Pay only for a digital photo printout at the pharmacy or any other store. Less money spending and a cheaper price!
  2. 100% Online Process

    Have a digital passport photo done online at any time! At home or at work. No time wasted taking document photos at the local Rite Aid. Get the best professional store service with our tool.
  3. Frame Example

    Photo take becomes as easy as can be. Use a smart free app grid overlay on your picture to set the correct face position from the top to the bottom of your head. See a preview of your hair on the online passport photo template.
  4. Digital Photo at Hand

    The online services require less time and effort on your part. Take a photo of your face on a smartphone and benefit from home professional service. Receive photos for your future document from a local store into your mailbox.
  5. Photo Verification

    Download a professional passport photo template auto-verified to comply with government passport photo guidelines. We guarantee that your picture easily obeys authorities directions.
  6. Compliance with Rules

    We observe the mandatory parameters to tune our photo tool on time. Don’t worry about the latest passport regulations. Verify application acceptance details for your photo before digital version download.
  7. High Photo Quality

    Your passport photo will have a white background, 2x2 inches in size, head between 1x1 3/8 inches from the bottom to the top of the head, and the correct eye line for popular documents.
  8. Ready-to-Print

    Download a passport photo template suitable for print. The file format is a high-resolution jpeg. Your Rite Aid passport pictures are printed on premium paper with high DPI settings.


  1. How much is a passport photo at Rite Aid?

    The pharmacy’s website doesn’t offer passport photo taking service anymore. But you can print passport size photos at the nearest Rite Aid pharmacies. 4 wallet-size matte or glossy printed photos cost $8.99. Or you can get 4×6 inch pictures for 19¢ and cut them out.

  2. Where to get a passport photo with Rite Aid?

    You can easily find a place to take a photo offline if you go to the store’s official site. In the left-hand corner of the header, you’ll see the locator. Just type your address and check the details and availability. Get your two passport photos visiting Rite Aid photo center website that meet all US passport photo requirements.
    First of all, create a Rite Aid pharmacy account and pay for membership, if you plan to use their services often. Then select the Prints and Enlargements/Standard Prints online submission from the menu and choose passport print size and quantity.


    Order photos online and select your delivery address. Please note that the pharmacy doesn’t offer in-store pickup and delivery during opening hours. So you have to receive your order at your home, business address or PO box. Get your passport photo from Rite Aid at the location you want.

  3. How long does it take to get a passport photo at Rite Aid?

    Mobile app developed for that store will help you to make an order. It takes 7-10 days to receive your passport photo order from a suitable location. Shipping costs around $5 per order.

  4. How to print and get passport photos at Rite Aid locations?

    It’s pretty easy to print passport photos at Rite Aid USA. Simply follow the instructions below:

    1. Upload or take photo with a smartphone. Print cheap with white background, enough lighting, eyes opened, etc.
    2. Stand still, neutral face expression, no hats, headphones, or head covers.
    3. Don’t wear glasses or extravagant clothing. Make sure your photo meets other official rules, such as off-white background, unexaggerated smile, moderate in wearing jewelry, visible facial features, and the correct size in inches.
    4. Visit the photo center website and create a service account if it’s necessary.
    5. Bring your passport images to the pharmacy’s photo center.
    6. Indicate your delivery address and pay for printouts.
    7. Wait for 7-10 days to receive passport pictures at home.
  5. Can I take my own photograph?

    Yes. However, we recommend getting someone else to fulfill the task for you, so it wouldn’t look like a selfie taken with a phone camera. The rejected or unlikable pictures are not an option for us! A few tips will prepare you properly for the awesome passport photo you’ll love:

    • The first thing to remember is to hold your face parallel to the floor and not tilted.
    • Hold your spine straight.
    • Your shoulders down.
    • With a natural smile.


    We hope you’ll find the information helpful. Our tool always comes to the rescue. Worry not! It ensures your image is accepted and meets the size requirements and the last update of all the requirements set by the passport offices. In addition to that, it doesn’t matter whether you arrange a short trip to print your Rite Aid passport photos with our printable file as a postcard template to the pharmacy or get it delivered to your place if you decide to do it on the website. Either way will work well without waiting long hours in a store.
    We’re well aware that getting an official document and compliant image can be a handful. That’s why we use artificial intelligence to streamline the process of taking your photos. Get them at no cost. Print good passport photos for less than twice the price with our digital file, and decide for yourself how great it is!

  6. How many images can I take?

    You can take a number of photos — as many as your heart desires. Without money spent. Our digital booth is always happy to see your face and satisfied when you are. It’s available ASAP, without long lines and worrying about opening hours. Satisfaction guaranteed!

  7. How to get passport photos cheaper at Rite Aid?

    When on our site, put through your photo, wait a few seconds, and get a ready-to-go template. Drop by the pharmacy and get it printed as a postcard (4×6 inch) for as little as 19 cents!

  8. Does Rite Aid take passport pictures?

    Yes. They take passport photos for popular documents with a money-back guarantee, including passports.

  9. What are the opening hours at Rite Aid for passport photos?

    The stores are open from 9 am till 9 pm. Some of them work 24/7. However, we’d recommend checking online and making sure you know when your local pharmacy centre is open. That will save you loads of time as their opening times vary.
    By the way, the best place to get your passport pictures done is by going onto the store’s website, uploading your digital file and getting them ordered online.

  10. Are there Rite Aid passport photos near me?

    They are nearer than you think. The service is intuitive and meant to make your life easier. Press the upload button or take a home convenient digital photo for your passport application on the spot. The tool will correct it eligibly to meet passport photo requirements, so that it’ll be accepted by passport offices. We’re sure it’s definitely a non paid satisfaction guarantee!

  11. Where to get passport photos taken digitally at Rite Aid?

    The pharmacies do not offer actual photography services. But you can use other options to get a perfect passport photo. For example, you can make the most of a free app, choose a pic from your library and get it on paper at one of the cheapest places.

  12. Does Rite Aid do passport photos?

    The pharmacy does take passport pictures that cost $8.99. However, you can snap a perfect biometric photo conveniently at home with as many photo shots as possible using our site. Take or upload photo, wait a bit, and receive a digital format to simply print your passport photos at the nearest Rite Aid store or anywhere most comfortable for you.
    These two ways allow you to use printing services or passport photo services and save time and money. You’ll be ready for your passport application in no time with your Rite Aid passport photo.