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Take and upload a casual photo—we'll turn it into valid printable passport photos.
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Rite Aid Passport Photo: Money-Saving Alternative

Passport Photo Service Online

Rite Aid's Photo Centers stopped taking passport photos at offline stores in 2023, but still offer passport photo printing in local stores. Now you can take perfect photos for all types of documents without leaving your home. Just take your own photo with a cell phone, upload it here and get 4 ready passport pictures.

Compliance Check

Once you upload a photo, it’ll be resized, improved, checked and corrected by an expert to pass authorities' compliance control. Our tool has a biometric scan: your photo will be scanned for common mistakes. In addition, the photo will be checked by an expert using a special passport photo software.

Digital Passport Photo Copy

Get a digital passport photo copy and template in 10 minutes by email. You can use this high-quality JPEG image for online application and print the template as many times as you want, at any time. Either print it at home or at any online or local Rite Aid print shop (it'll cost you only $0.25 per person).

For the Whole Family

With us, you can take photos for various types of documents for yourself and all members of your family (incl. for babys) right from home. Modern services for passport photos allow you to take high-quality photos quickly, cost-efficiently and reliably. We garantee that it will meet all official rules and be accepted by the goverment.

How to Get Rite Aid Passport Photo?

  1. Take your selfie
    STEP 1
    Upload or take photo now
  2. Download your passport photo
    STEP 2
    Get passport photos

All About Rite Aid Passport Photo Service in 2024

  1. Passport Photo Cost

    Get 4 passport-sized photo prints for $0.25. They will be ready for download within minutes after you upload your selfie. Find the cheapest price here! Start with your selfie upload.
  2. Passport Photo Service

    Take passport photo here, with a mobile phone. It is a brand-new option for 2024. Or upload your available passport-looking photo to make it a valid passport picture. Offline Rite Aid stores no longer provide photo taking services.
  3. Passport Photo Printing

    Order printed passport pictures now. It is easy and quick. Pick up or shipping options available. Rite Aid stores continue printing passport photos in offline stores as of 2023.
  4. Rite Aid Stores Locations

    Find Rite Aid store near you using this locator: 2024 updated. You will be able to print your passport photo in the selected Rite Aid store.
  5. Working Hours

    Most Rite Aid pharmacies are open from 9am till 9pm. There are exceptions and you’d better check exact working hours of the store calling there. To find contacts, use the store locator.
  6. Rite Aid Passport Photos Online

    2024 opens new options for you: get passport photos by making it fully online. Take photo online, pass manual check, get it corrected and receive a compliant passport photo at home. Try now!


  1. How much is a passport photo at Rite Aid?

    Rite Aid doesn’t offer passport photo taking service anymore. But you can still print passport photos at the nearest Rite Aid pharmacies: 4 matte or glossy printed photos as 4×6 inch pictures for only 25¢.
    That means the store is not your best choice when you need a photo for your future passport to go overseas.

  2. Can I order my passport photo at Rite Aid?

    Yes, you can easily order your passport photo online if you go to the store’s official site. In the left-hand corner of the header, you’ll see the locator. Just type your address and check the details and availability. Get your two passport photos on the Rite Aid photo center website that meet all US passport photo requirements.


    First of all, create a Rite Aid pharmacy account and pay for membership, if you plan to use their services often. Then select the Prints/ Standard Prints online submission from the menu and choose passport print size and quantity.


    Order passport photos online and select your delivery address. Please note that the pharmacy doesn’t offer in-store pickup and delivery during opening hours. So you have to receive your order at your home, business address or PO box.

  3. How long does it take to get a passport photo at Rite Aid?

    Mobile app developed for that store will help you to make an order. It takes 7-10 days to receive your passport photo order from a suitable location. Shipping costs around $5 per order.

  4. How can I take Rite Aid passport photo myself?

    You can take a picture yourself, but it’s better to ask someone to take a picture of you. These few tips will prepare you properly for the awesome passport photo you’ll love:

    • The first thing to remember is to keep your head straight and not tilt it.
    • Keep your back straight.
    • Make sure your shoulders are down.
    • Keep a neutral facial expression.


    If you take photographs yourself, it is advisable to use a tripod. Install the camera or smartphone at your eye level, move 1.5-2 meters away from it. Take a photo. If someone is taking a photo of you, the principle will be the same: the camera is at the eye level, at a distance of 1.5-2 meters.
    Then upload the photo to on your PC or smartphone. The photo will be processed within a few minutes. Download and print good passport photos at Rite Aid for 25 cents.

  5. How many passport images can I take?

    You can take a number of passport photos — as many as your heart desires. Our digital tool is available ASAP, without long lines and worrying about opening hours.
    PhotoBooth Online gives you an unlimited number of attempts until you get the ideal passport photo approved by an expert. Take as many photos as you need. No limit on pics! They all be checked for compliance, just like Rite Aid passport photo.

  6. How to get Rite Aid passport photos cheaper?

    When on our site, put through your passport-looking photo, wait a few seconds, and get a printable template. You can use this passport picture template in the future. Choose the nearest Rite Aid store and get it printed as a postcard (4×6 inch) for as little as 25 cents!

  7. How to print passport photos at Rite Aid locations?

    It’s pretty easy to print passport photos at Rite Aid USA. Simply follow the instructions below:

    Upload or take photo with a smartphone now. Order prints at cheap price of $0.25 here. Pick up same day or get home delivery.
    If you don’t have a ready passport photo yet, take one by following these simple steps:

    • Stand still with neutral face expression, no hats, headphones, or head covers. Against white background, with enough lighting, eyes opened, etc.
    • Don’t wear glasses or extravagant clothing. Make sure your passport photo meets other official rules, such as unexaggerated smile, moderate in wearing jewelry, visible facial features, and the correct size in inches.
    • Visit the photo center website and create a service account if it’s necessary.
    • Order your passport images.
    • Indicate your delivery address and pay for printouts.
    • Wait for 7-10 days to receive passport pictures at home.
    • Besides that you can print them at home or in the nearest pharmacy or store. It takes less than 1 hour.
  8. Does Rite Aid take passport pictures?

    No. They no longer take passport photos for popular documents. But you can easily get a perfect passport photo online with a special tool.
    PhotoBooth Online scans your photo for white background, proper lightning, 2×2 inch dimension, head between 1×1 3/8 inches from the bottom to the top of the head, tilt, etc. before the final expert check. When well-prepared, you won’t find out if you are listed for passport denial.
    Download a professional passport photo template auto-verified for compliance here now. We guarantee that your picture follows government guidelines and will be accepted by the passport office.

  9. What are the opening hours at Rite Aid?

    The stores are open from 9 am till 9 pm. Some of them work 24/7. However, we’d recommend checking online and making sure you know when your local pharmacy centre is open. That will save you loads of time as their opening times vary.
    By the way, the best place to get your passport pictures done is by going onto the store’s website, uploading your digital file and getting them ordered online.

  10. Are there Rite Aid passport photos near me?

    They are nearer than you think. The service is intuitive and meant to make your life easier. Click the upload button or take a home convenient digital photo for your passport application on the spot. The tool will correct it eligibly to meet passport photo requirements, so that it’ll be accepted by passport offices.

  11. Where to get passport photos taken digitally at Rite Aid?

    Rite Aid pharmacies do not offer ready-made passport photo services. Yet, you can use other options to get a perfect passport photo—both digital and printed. For example, you can make the most of a free app: choose a pic from your library and get a compliant passport photo and template, save it and print at one of the cheapest places.
    If you need a print, remember there are Rite Aid stores, pharmacies, and photo centers. Call your local location to be sure you’ll get the photo service. Or stay here and get your Rite-Aid-like passport pictures instantly! No lines or parking stress.
    Rite Aid opening times vary. It may be closed on Sat-Sun, public holidays, mornings, or nights. Check their site for working hours at the Find-A-Store section. Pressed for time? PhotoBooth works around the clock. Use our service anytime anywhere!