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Get Rite Aid Passport Photo—Easy & Conveniently

Passport Photo Services Online

Rite Aid's Photo Centers stopped taking passport photos at offline stores in 2023, but still offer photo printing online. To order prints at Rite Aid you need a 4x6 printable template with passport photos on it. Here, you can create perfect photos for all types of documents and get printable template without leaving your home. Just take your own photo with a cell phone, upload it here, and get six passport pictures (prints or a 4x6 template for printing) that you can print at any Rite Aid or anywhere you want.

Double Compliance Check

Once you upload a photo, it’ll be resized, improved, checked and corrected to pass the authorities' compliance control. The tool has a biometric scan: your photo will be scanned for common mistakes. In addition, the photo will be checked by an expert using special passport photo software. This way, your passport photo will be double checked to ensure it is accepted when applying.

4x6 Template or Prints

We provide you with passport photos in a variety of forms: printed, 4x6 printable template, and digital photo. You can purchase them all together or separately. You can use a high-quality digital photo (JPEG) for online application or print the 4x6 template as many times as you want, at any time. Either print it at home or at any online or local Rite Aid print shop (order prints at Rite Aid for only $0.25 plus shipping fees). You can also order six prints right here.

For the Whole Family

Take Passport, Visa or ID photos for yourself and members of your family (including for babies) right from home. Modern services for passport photos allow you to take high-quality passport photos quickly, cost-efficiently and reliably. We garantee that it will meet all official rules and be accepted by the U.S. State of Department.

How does it work?

  1. Take your photo
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    Take and upload photo now
  2. Download your passport photo
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    Order Prints or Download Files

How to take Rite Aid Passport Photos Now?

  1. Take and upload a photo

    Dress according to the requirements. It is recommended not to wear white clothing. Take your own photo using a tripod, or ask a family member or friend to take a picture of you. The camera should be at least 1–1.5 meters away at eye level. Look directly into the camera. Take the photo with enough space around your head. The shoulders and upper chest should also be included in the frame. Use any background. We will replace it according to the specifications.
  2. Let us process and check it

    We recommend taking several photos at once. This way, you can select the perfect one after processing. Once you upload your photo, it will be cropped, edited, and adjusted to meet the specifications. The photo is double checked, by an automated system and a specialist. The whole process takes less than 5–10 minutes.
  3. Preview your passport photo

    After processing, you will immediately see a preview. If you don't like something, upload a new photo. It will be processed. This all happens before purchasing, so you can upload photos several times until you get the perfect result. It's free. Only after you are sure that your passport photo looks perfect should you proceed with choosing a plan.
  4. Get prints or download digital files

    You can order a print right here or only prepare a 4x6 photo for printing at Rite Aid. When you order here, you will receive six prints and a template for printing. Delivery of prints will take 1–5 business days. The template can be downloaded immediately. You can also order a digital copy or a printable template separately. The template is 4x6 and is ready to print at Rite Aid.


  1. Comparison Chart: Rite Aid Passport Photo Services compared to


    Features Rite Aid Photo
    Appointment No No
    Creating Passport Photos No Yes
    U.S. Passport Photos No Yes
    EU/Schengen Photos No Yes
    Canadian/ China, and more No Yes
    Printing Online Yes Yes
    4×6 template for printing No Yes
    Digital Photo No Yes
    Home Delivery Yes Yes
    Instant Delivery to Inbox No Yes
    Delivery Standard (7-10 business days)
    Express (5-7 business days)
    1-5 business days
    Free Shipping No Yes
    Working 24/7 No Yes
    Prices $0.25 for a 4×6 print and shipping fees:
    Standard (7-10 business days) – $7.50
    Express (5-7 business days) – $25.00
    $9.95 for 6 Prints with free shipping (1-5 business days)
    $2.95 for a 4×6 template (6 photos) for printing
    60-day full money-back No Yes
  2. Does Rite Aid do passport photos?

    As of 2023, Rite Aid Photo Centers no longer provide passport photo services, but if you have a 4х6 photo with passport photos ready to print, you can still order online at
    rite aid pasport photo

  3. Can I create a passport photo here?

    Now you can easily prepare a good passport photos online with a special tool like PhotoBooth Online. It changes the background color to white, checks lightning, crops the photo to the right size, etc. before the final expert check. When well-prepared, you won’t find out if you are listed for passport denial.

  4. Can I print passport photos at Rite Aid locations?

    No, Rite Aid Photo Centers have completely stopped providing passport photo services in their locations. At Rite Aid, you cannot take or print a passport photo.

  5. Can I order passport photos at Rite Aid?

    Yes, it’s possible. To order a passport photo online at Rite Aid, you must have a ready-made template for printing in size 4×6 or 5×7. You can make such a template with any online tool that is convenient for you.

  6. How can I order passport photos at Rite Aid?

    Prepare your passport photos on a 4×6 template for printing using PhotoBooth Online. Visit Go to Shop Prints/Standard Prints/Glossy/Matte Prints and upload your photo there. Choose the print size and complete the order.

  7. Can I pick up passport photos at Rite Aid?

    No, you can’t pick up your passport photos at any Rite Aid location. You can only have them shipped.

  8. How much does Rite Aid charge for passport photos?

    If you order prints at Rite Aid it’ll cost $0.25 for a 4×6 print or $0.69 for a 5×7 print plus shipping fees.
    Standard Shipping: $7.50 (7–10 business days)
    Express Shipping: $25.00 (5–7 business days)
    You can also order prints by PhotoBooth Online for $9.95 (six prints). Shipping is free (1–5 business days).

  9. How can I find Rite Aid locations with passport photo services near me?

    You can find Rite Aid locations at But none of them offer passport photo services anymore.

  10. What are Rite Aid's opening hours?

    Most Rite Aid pharmacies are open from 9am till 9pm. There are exceptions, and you’d better check the exact working hours of the store calling there.

  11. How long does it take to get passport photos at Rite Aid?

    Rite Aid provides two shipping methods:
    Standard shipping is 7–10 business days.
    Express shipping takes 5–7 business days.

  12. How many passport photos does Rite Aid provide?

    It depends on what template you are using. 4×6 template—2 passport photos of 2×2″; 5×7 template—4 passport photos.
    It is your best choice when you need a photo for your passport to go overseas.

  13. Is it really possible to order a passport photo at Rite Aid for 25 cents?

    No, you will be charged extra for shipping. But you can order passport photos with free shipping here.

  14. Can I use a passport photo printed at Rite Aid for my passport application?

    Yes, you can use it for your passport photo application within 3 months. Read also how to fill out the passport application form.