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What You Get Using PhotoBooth Online vs. FedEx

FREE Passport Photo

Get your FedEx passport photo taken and prepared for F-R-E-E. Once it's done (in seconds), you can have it printed at the nearest FedEx office. No hidden charges, no strings attached. There's no need to pay twice the price for other passport photo printing services.

100% Online Process

Use an existing image or take a new headshot with PhotoBooth Online. One way or another, we'll correct the image instantly. You can process as many photo shots as you want – we'll turn each of them into a compliant passport photo anyway. And it's completely online!

Compliance Guarantee

Your passport photo will meet all official mandatory parameters for a biometric photo (face state, eyeglasses, eye line, open mouth, allowed objects, etc.). Rest assured, as we verify all images for compliance with the rules for documents used in any acceptance facility.

Correct Size & Format

You get photos of the required size, and they're ready for printout. What's more, we check head proportions, background color, lighting, height, and brightness for you. There's no need for further editing now. Any FedEx department can quickly print your photo taken at home.

Getting a Passport Photo at FedEx Office Stores

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8 Advantages of PhotoBooth Online Over FedEx Office

  1. Free of Charge

    Get your perfect passport photos prepared for free. Pay only for passport photo printing at a FedEx Office. Looking to save even more? Use online submission and cut your photo service expenses to minimum.
  2. Online and 24/7

    Why waste your time taking pictures at a store? Have your photographs done online anytime, at home or at work. Use your phone or digital camera to take a selfie and then let our free web tool do all the work.
  3. Instant Verification

    All images you process are auto-verified to comply with the official guidelines for passport photos. Hence, you (or the FedEx Office you'll go to) will have no trouble renewing your soon-to-expire documents.
  4. Meets Requirements

    We observe the mandatory parameters and latest regulations for passport photos to give you a satisfaction guarantee. However they change, you'll always get your compliant passport pictures.
  5. High Quality

    We'll make sure any passport photos you process have white background, 2 x 2 inches size, and correct head proportions. This means you can turn your selfies into eligible passport pictures without any defects.
  6. Ready for Printing

    The format of your passport photos will be high-resolution jpeg (so any FedEx will accept them). Besides, our digital template meets the official standard requirements. It's compliant, so print away!
  7. Passport Renewal

    Tired of red tape? A FexEx employee can help you handle all the bureaucratic details and submit your application. Then you'll only need to wait for your renewed US passport to be delivered by mail.
  8. Expedited Services

    If getting a passport photo is an urgent matter, there is a faster way. Generate biometric photo conveniently and for free with our tool, then print it out and order expedited services at a FedEx Office.

Frequently Asked Questions About FedEx Passport Photos

  1. Does FedEx take passport photos?

    Yes, they have a special service to help their customers renew their passports, be it documents for adults or children. So if you need new passport photos, FedEx office can help you, and there’s more than that. If you want the process to be completely stress-free for you, you can have FedEx deliver these passport photos to the required address with your passport application enclosed.

  2. How to get a passport photo at FedEx?

    First of all, you need to find the FedEx closest to you and contact it to make sure they still offer passport photo services. Most FedEx offices provide an all-in-one solution to get passport photos. When you visit an office to have a photo take, a FedEx employee can also help you fill out a US passport application and submit it.

  3. How much are passport photos at FedEx?

    In case you already have a ready-to-print passport photo template, you can bring it to the nearest office and pay only about $0.35 for printing. However, if you choose to get your pictures from scratch (that is, have two US passport photos taken and printed at FedEx), the price will be $14.95.
    For your convenience, there’s also this all-inclusive passport photos service, where FedEx has your pictures and passport application sent for renewal for you. But please note that this service will cost you more.

  4. Where to take passport photo at FedEx?

    To begin with, find a FedEx location that offers RushMyPassport expedite services and schedule an appointment at their nearest office. Make sure you come on time and take your ID with you. After that, the FedEx employees will help you take valid passport photos you can submit to apply for a US passport. If there are no delays, you’ll need to wait around 6 months for your brand new document.

  5. How to print passport size photo at FedEx?

    FedEx offers a pretty cheap photo printing service. For instance, you can print one standard 8.5″ x 11″ photo for 55¢. But if you need to print a passport size 2″ x 2″ photo at a FedEx office, you should apply for the photo service listed above. Schedule an appointment at a FedEx office, take a photo conforming to passport photo size requirements, and get it printed right there.

  6. Can I get a passport photo faster than with the FedEx passport photo service?

    If the nearest FedEx is way too far from you, you can google for some other places where you can have your photos taken. In fact, there are plenty of alternatives like chain stores and pharmacies across the entire country. Some of these places offer two options: you can either go there in person or upload a prepared digital picture. The latter scenario might be a bit easier, as you can have your pictures delivered to your home address or collect them yourself. It’s entirely up to you.
    Surely, these options are quite convenient, but they can (and, most probably, will) take up a lot of your time. Each of them implies that you have to go somewhere and spend your money, time, and effort on a simple passport photo shoot. PhotoBooth Online will make this experience far more pleasant for you. Actually, the whole process can be much easier. Simply use any device at hand to take a picture (or use an existing one) and upload it to this website. We’ll have it processed via our tool, and presto! You’ve got your digital template with photographs which you can print right away, as it’s fully compliant and doesn’t need any retouching.
    Once you’ve got your printout, you can submit it to the nearest passport acceptance facility. An average applicant gets their new document after six months of waiting.
    Remember whatever place you choose for your photo shoot, prepare for it thoroughly. To do it, you can read our short, but actionable tips on hair, wear, and makeup for a passport photo.