What Is a Headline on a Resume? 20 Top Examples in 2024

January 4, 2024

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what is a headline or summary on a resume

When in the middle of a job search, a strong resume is a winner. To make your resume stand out, you need an appropriate format, well-presented experience and skills, and an appealing headline. So what is a headline on a resume?

Let’s learn what a great resume headline is and why it is as important as a resume itself.

In Focus

What is a headline on a resume?

Let’s start with an example. Imagine hiring managers skimming over hundreds of resumes a day and looking for the right match for a particular position. If there is anything that can help a hiring manager, it is a brief catchy introduction of the candidate’s experience and skills at the top of a resume. That’s exactly what a well-written headline is. Your short statement with the most relevant key points.

You also should remember about virtual colleagues of recruiters. They are various applicant tracking systems (ATS in short). They screen piles of candidates’ resumes searching for the ones that match the “possible variants” instead of “delete” in HR’s subgroups. To make the most of your chances, your resume headline should be written just right. This way, you won’t join that 75% of applicants that are rejected through the initial process.

What is resume headlines vs headers?

Not to confuse a headline with a header, remember that first comes the headline that opens the way to the header with must-have information, that is your name, phone number, email address, location (usually, town and country), LinkedIn URL, Social Media (if necessary), website or blog address, and a link to your portfolio if applicable.

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What is resume headline vs. resume title?

We also need to explain that there is a resume title that is the name of your job position no more no less. For example, a data scientist or a digital marketing director is a resume title. Unlike resume titles, resume headlines should include more information about your achievements, skills and preferably with the specification of years of experience.

How to write a resume headline?

what is a headline on a resume examples

You’ll find a list of resume headline examples below in this article. But now let’s specify the way to write a memorable resume headline. Imagine the perfect short slogan for your favorite product that will reflect its features, will be short, sweet, and right to the point. That is exactly how you should approach your resume headlines, so they’ll come out concise, succinct, and comprehensive.

With applicant tracking software in mind, write your machine-readable and compelling resume headline that will be easily identified: again short, informative, and with no fluff. Use relevant keywords to be easily found.

What is a good resume headline? Key takeaways

Stick to these recommendations to be on top of things while writing good resume headlines.

  • Pay attention to the effective structure:
    1. Job title (name of your position)
    2. Years of experience
    3. Skillset, specific task, achievements
  • Keep it to one sentence that goes directly after your name and surname. If your headline consists of a few sentences, it turns into a resume summary or objective. You can include the latter in your resume after the headline and header.
  • Use multiple headlines for different job openings, then you can ask for more time to consider a job offer. The fit-all strategy is no good here.
  • Use fonts or cases to make the resume headline pop up for the hiring manager’s attention.
  • Be specific in terms relevant to your industry.
  • Use verbs rather than nouns and adjectives.
  • Don’t go over the top with skills. Just the one or two most relevant skills to match the job description.
  • If it’s your first job hunt, highlight your best skills and knowledge fields and major extracurricular undertakings.
  • Use numbers: it works well in self-presentation too (say, when you need a quick pitch at a job fair).

Benefits of including a headline on a resume

what is a headline and summary on a resume

Need more clues on: what is literary a headline on a resume? Read more on how to increase your chances to be visible for the right position:

  • If you spend a bit of time thinking over your resume headline, you’ll be rewarded with more job interviews. You’ll get a chance to join the 25% of applicants that will pass the initial screening.
  • Grab the reader’s attention with impressive achievements and overcome challenges.
  • Make your strengths stand out: you aim at credibility and trustworthiness by underlining your best soft and hard skills.
  • Make it logical: the rest of your resume should follow the lead and be logically detailed.
  • For less experienced applicants, it’s sensible to highlight skills rather than 1 or 2 years of experience.

Ten customizable resume headline examples in 2024

what is the headline on a resume

  1. Empathetic Certified Nurse with 3 Years of Experience
  2. Software Developer with a Proven Track Record of Success
  3. Engaging Teacher Who Helps Students Master the Subject
  4. Accounting Professional with 15 Plus Years of Experience
  5. SEO Copywriter with Editorial Skills and Spanish as a Second Language
  6. Executive Director Who Manages Departments of 400+ Employees
  7. Creative Outerwear Designer Specializing in Sustainable Materials
  8. Hotel Manager with 10-Year Experience in 3 World’s Biggest Hotel Chains
  9. Creative Community Manager Who Builds & Inspires Positive Company Cultures
  10. Business-savvy Tax Accountant Who Helps Businesses’ Compliance
  11. Resourceful Marketer with 5 Years of Experience and MBA in Marketing and Sales
  12. Diplomatic Administrator with Strong Interpersonal Skills
  13. Helpful Cashier and Walgreens 3x Employee of the Month
  14. Inventive 2x Shingo Prize-Winning Videographer
  15. Growth Marketing Manager with 5-Years in Sales who Exceeds Targets by 25%
  16. Pro Sales Associate Who Landed $10 Million in Sales
  17. Cybersecurity Specialist with 4-Year Experience in FinTech
  18. Skilled Co-Chef with 5 Years of Experience in High-End Restaurants
  19. Graphic Designer with 7 Years in International Team
  20. Devoted College Professor Skilled in ESL and IEPS