What Is a Job Board? All Links You Need

December 19, 2023

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what is a job board?

Do you think you’re ready for a new job? Or do you want to post a job opening to top up your talented team? Then, you need a reliable job board search engine to facilitate the search for a new job or a new hire.

For the last two decades, multiple job boards have been transformational and impactful on the job market.

So, what is the job board? Let’s also name the renowned job boards you can harness for your goals.

In Focus

What is a job board?

The history of job boards goes back to the first newspapers published more than a hundred years ago. Only newspapers, ad boards, and word of mouth could drive the job market at that time. Later, papers would publish classified ads for job seekers to choose among job opportunities.

In the digital era, the internet poses another way of job advertising and searching—job boards and job search engines.

What is the meaning of a job board?

A job board is a web marketplace for job vacancies and a database of job candidates designed for job seekers and hiring managers.

Some job boards utilize application tracking systems to help streamline the application selection process. Others redirect potential candidates to websites of recruiting companies to complete the application process.

If you employ a few job boards for your search, you might need a professional headshot for your profile. Say, for a professional social networking site like LinkedIn. Then, you can make the most of an AI headshot generator. You can advantageously stand out among your peers with a fabulous professional-looking photo.

job boards meaning

Job board requirements for job seekers and companies

With technology stepping forward, job seekers don’t have to send an individual application or resume to each company as we used to a few decades ago. Now, we don’t need to know what a job board is to operate one either. To post a resume for a potential job opening, a job seeker needs to:

  • Register a job board account.
  • Enter and save contact information.
  • Upload a resume or fill in details using the template.
  • Name the resume title (potential position name), education, qualification, job experience, and areas of expertise.
  • Tailor your resumes to open positions you strive towards. Some job boards offer to store a few variants of your resume.
  • Insert relevant keywords that hiring managers would use to find a perfect fit for their job listing.

The same goes for a hiring manager or an entrepreneur who uses job boards to hire staff. It’s a cost-effective way for companies to reach out to qualified job applicants. Typically, employers need to:

  • Register a company account.
  • Pay a registration fee to post job vacancies or to view openings.
  • Craft a company’s profile on the individual page.
  • Showcase your vision, values, mission, goals, and culture, and with the right storytelling, you can tap into candidates who would be good culture fits.
  • Introduce job descriptions for job openings.
  • Explain job titles, job’s responsibilities, requirements, location, job type, and industry.

What are job boards vs. job search engines?

If you’re looking for a job, you should channel your efforts wisely to land your dream job. That means starting with the most renowned job boards that attract the most notable companies and using a job search engine that aggregates job listings in millions from the internet.

Job seekers can also apply for a job listing directly through a job board or may be linked to the company’s website for filling in a job application.

General job boards for job postings

online job boards meaning

So, what is a job board when we differentiate between general and niche job boards?

A general job board website or online platform presents career opportunities online in desirable fields and locations for candidates who can select through specified job responsibilities and qualification requirements. It’s an all-in-one solution for everybody interested in job searching.

It’s also possible to browse across industries and types of employment to find your best match for a job, even if it takes some time. You can sign up for job alerts as email alerts to keep abreast of available positions.

What are the most renowned job boards?


Indeed is the most traffic-generating job search engine and job board for advertising jobs. This platform is capable of aggregating millions of job openings across thousands of job offering sites in the US.

Additionally, Indeed educates users on how to be most efficient in searching for a job, and researches trends in the job market and salaries. It gives opportunities to look for available jobs for users with both school diplomas and graduate degrees.


Indeed and Glassdoor have much in common. Glassdoor also provides job seekers with a job search engine that aggregates myriads of jobs from various sources.

What makes Glassdoor special is that it streamlines employees’ reviews. Every job seeker can evaluate employees’ feedback on the companies and research salaries and company ratings before applying for a position.


LinkedIn is one of the most acclaimed social media platforms for professionals in the web space. The opportunities it provides are much bigger than just a job board. It allows job seekers to connect with employers and companies, build their personal brand, share resumes, and advertise open positions.


Monster and Indeed are very similar. Monster allows its users to tap into the widest database of candidates and post open positions. They accumulate thousands of job listings, also for those with school diplomas in particular.


CareerBuilder, like Monster and Indeed, drives job market demand and supply to meet each other’s needs. What CareerBuilder has done extraordinarily is that they amass job openings from most Fortune 500 companies to offer more opportunities to their job seekers.


Careerjet is also the leading online job search engine with a semantic analysis technology for displaying various job vacancy listings. It sources over 40 million jobs connecting more than 70 thousand quality sites globally.

Specialized job boards

internet job boards meaning

Coming from another perspective, industry specific job boards display job postings across a particular industry or certain sector. It can span a specific industry like sport, building & architecture, informational technology, design, entertainment, healthcare, government, etc.

These industry specific job boards or niche job boards are tailored to meet the needs of supply and demand in a particular sector. Hone your activity to maximize your achievements—find the niche job board that you’ve been looking for. Among the most popular niche job boards that post open positions are :

  1. Law Jobs (for attorneys, paralegals, etc.):
  2. Adzuna (marketing and advertising):
  3. Health E Careers (for medical workers):
  4. Entertainment Careers and Variety (film, television, sports, and music): &
  5. Career Bank (finance and banking):
  6. eFinancial Careers (finance and banking):
  7. Idealist (non-profit companies):
  8. CareerOneStop (including AfterCollege, CareerRookie, and DiversityJobs for students):
  9. Recruit Military (for military veterans):
  10. AbilityJOBS (for differently-abled workers):
  11. Dice (tech industry): ttps://
  12. Behance (design industry):

What is job board pricing for companies?

With current tools and technology advancement, any company can simplify their hiring process and recruitment strategies by employing online job boards. Some job board offer their tools for free, like Google Jobs, where employers don’t have to pay for job postings. Other job boards have a specific payment structure.

For instance, Snag, Monster, and Craigslist charge per job post which cost ranges from around $7 to $400. Glassdoor and CareerBuilder, for example, will charge you monthly. Indeed introduced its unique payment structure—they charge employers per online click of a potential candidate.

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