Does Safeway Take Passport Photos & Is There an Alternative?

February 19, 2024

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does safeway take passport photos

If you are determined to take your passport photos at Safeway for your passport application, you need to know that there is unfortunately no information about passport photo services on their official website.

If you apply for your passport or need to renew your document urgently, you can take passport photos not only at Safeway but also with online services without leaving home. In this article, we’ll go through the options you’ve got at hand.

In Focus

Safeway passport photos and Photo Center

If you search for Safeway passport photos on the web in 2024, you can find details on Safeway Photo Center that can help you with taking and printing passport photos. You will be able to spot such a location in Lacey. According to the Google Top 10 search, this Safeway Photo Center offers passport photo services.

To ensure you can get photo services and find out Safeway’s passport photo cost, you can drop by the address SE, 4700 Yelm Hwy SE, Lacey, WA 98503, or call the number 1 360-438-0203.

Safeway photo for your passport and alternative

safeway passport photo cost

If you prefer staying at home and getting your passport pictures without going to Safeway, or any other store or pharmacy, here are the proven ways to get a set of 4 passport photos as home delivery. And a digital copy to your inbox as well.

5 easy steps to get a passport picture:

  • Read the recommendations in the table below.
  • Upload any of your photos or take a new one.
  • Follow the easy tips on the screen.
  • Choose the instant digital copy to email.
  • Or choose printed photos—enjoy free shipping with a tracking number.

Try to take a pic for free now!

Safeway passport photo requirements

On its website, the U.S. Department of State explains the passport photo guidelines that Safeway or any other store or pharmacy must follow while taking passport photos for U.S. citizens.

You don’t need to know them by heart but it’s best to be in the know for the compliant result just in case.

To be confident that your passport photo complies with the official passport photo rules at Safeway, a private studio, etc. learn the recommendations below.

From chin to top of the head




Filters & Retouching

1-1 3/8 inches

2×2 inches

Off-white with no pattern

Not bulky

Not allowed

Any type of glasses



Photo recency


Not allowed

Allowed for medical and religious purposes

Looking straight into the camera

6 months old or less

Not allowed



Whatever way you choose to obtain your passport photos: at Safeway or any other photo-taking facility, make sure your passport photo is taken validly. Your next step will be to get the right passport application form and pay the application and execution fees.