Rimowa’s Passport Photos With Style

February 7, 2024

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rimowa soho passport photo

All over the world and online, RIMOWA Stores have offered the art of bag and luggage engineering since 1898. The RIMOWA Passport Photo Studio is a totally new experience introduced by the retail Soho flagship store.

Their passport photo booth is based in a particular store in New York City, in Soho, at 99 Prince Street. It has been offering the luxurious passport photo-taking experience with Rimowa since June 16, 2021, when passport renewing started to pick up after the pandemic.

What is so special about the experience with RIMOWA Passport Photos? Let’s savor all the beautiful details now.

In Focus

Rimowa passport photos

What traveler doesn’t like a stylish, reliable and money-worth suitcase companion? In the same way, travelers are much more likely to enjoy elevated passport photography with comfortable seating. As opposed to a crowded space at a drugstore where strangers can watch passport photo-taking process.

When it comes to photos for a document, we always wish for at least one relatively tolerable and passable picture, don’t we? Still hard to relate.

That is why the brand new solution has equipped the Rimowa customers in New York City Soho with comfortable seating and an intuitive, seamless automated user experience. What’s more, you finally get to luxuriate in flattering lighting which means a lot for a decent passport photo taken in Rimowa or any other place. Be it a private photographer’s studio or a local store in your area.

How much does the passport photo cost at Rimowa?

rimowa passport photo free

Did you know that the average price for passport pictures in the United States is from $7.99 to $21.99? Can they be free?

Rimowa free passport photos

You can hardly believe it but the reimagined passport photography experience at Rimowa is free passport photos. There is no charge for visitors to use the service. You might just as well purchase a bag for your journey, but the pictures are complimentary.

Once you are through with the process, you obtain Rimowa passport-size photos printed on the fly. Furthermore, you get a digital version for future re-use and reprinting.

And you don’t need a prior booking or appointment.

Pro tip


Please note that your passport photos from Rimowa’s retail store must be used for your passport application within 6 months after you snap them.

The 6-month rule of recency is applicable to any passport photo-taking facility and any passport image.

Rimowa passport photos & the Real-YOU passport portrait

With Rimowa Passport Studio chosen for passport photos, you can realize complete control over your passport photo shoot. You can select the image you like out of a handful you’ve made or repeat the process. You get the best Rimowa passport portrait as a 2×2-inch travel-ready US photo.

You can be a true YOU in your passport for the next 10 years. And you’ll keep on winning that silly airport game show me your passport photo for the next decade. No haunting passport pictures that irritate for like a decade.

Now, would you swap that for standing awkwardly at a neighborhood convenience store or passport photo kiosk? It depends on your location really.

Rimowa studio passport photo: hours and location

rimowa passport photo cost

The Passport Studio is located at 99 Prince Street in Manhattan. The opening hours are from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. every Monday through Saturday. The store is open from 12 p.m. until 5 p.m. on Sundays.

What if the Rimowa passport photo booth not around?

That is a really good question! Unfortunately, you can treat yourself to the elevated environment at Rimowa Passport Studio only if you reside in New York City. But not to worry! There is another way that you will like, regardless of your place of residence.

Employ PhotoBooth Online now. All you need is to take a photo on the spot or upload whatever pic you’ve got. PhotoBooth Online will make the photo government-compliant: 2×2 in size, white background, right proportions and dimensions, with flattering lighting, and no shadows. And you can have as many attempts as you wish without leaving home.

Click Get your photo now!

This way, you get physical passport photos as quick home delivery if traveling to Rimowa or any other store is not an option. You also receive digital versions to your inbox.

Happy passport photography!