Passport Change of Address in 2024: All You Need to Know

January 3, 2024

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how to change your address on your passport

Is your passport application in progress while you’re moving to another apartment? Do you have your recent passport in hand but it specifies your old address?

Let’s get some understanding of whether you need to fulfill a passport change of your address and how to change the address on your passport easily.


Passport address change when you moved to a different place

There are a few situations that can take place with a passport change of address: when you are waiting for the passport to arrive after you renew by mail or apply in person (1), or if you have your passport at home with your old address on the page labeled as Personal Data & Emergency Contact (2). Let’s look into most cases that can occur.

Passport change of address when you have an old address written in your document

Provided your current passport is in hand and you moved to another address, you don’t need to make any corrections officially to your current passport according to the official website of the US Department of State.

You can enter your new address in the special field normally on Page 4 of your valid passport and make further corrections that may happen throughout the 10-year passport’s lifetime. Most applicants make an address note with a pencil so that it is easy to change their passport address in the future if required.

Additionally, there is a special space to jot down your foreign address if you already know where you’ll be staying abroad.

If your information was filled out, when you got the passport, you can erase or cross it out to enter the new address.

Passport address mailing address when you’re waiting for its arrival from the passport agency?

how to change address on passport usa

According to the official website of the US Department of State, you need to contact the National Passport Information Center (NPIC), if you have a passport that is currently in progress for renewal or you applied for a new one and you need to change the mailing address (because you moved to another place).

If your passport is still in the approval process in the system, you can swap for a new mailing address for your passport. You can check the passport status if you plan a passport change of a mailing address here:

You can send an email to Usually, an applicant gets an answer to an e-mail inquiry within 24 hours.

Or call from the United States: 1-877-487-2778, TDD/TTY: 1-888-874-7793. Automated passport information is on 24/7. You can speak with an office representative Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (EST), apart from federal holidays. If you’re outside the country, contact a US Embassy or Consulate.

For more options to get in touch with the Information Center, please follow the link

The same steps work for a child’s passport application and address change. If you’re waiting for a US passport book, passport card, or return of citizenship evidence documents, please contact the NPIC. It is also recommended to add the name of a parent/legal guardian in the “In Care Of” part of the Mailing Address section when completing your child’s application.

How to change the address and other details on my passport officially?

If you plan a passport change of address or you had plastic surgery, significant weight loss or gain, etc., you might consider applying for a new passport with new details and a new photo. To get a pic, google something like passport photos near me. Another option is to find a reliable online photo service and take a photo on the web. In case, you’re looking for similar services in your city, browse exactly that. For example, a passport photo NYC. Still, we like the option without leaving home better: quick and easy.

Now, back to the reasons. Errors, misspellings, or correct names after marriage are eligible reasons to get a changed document. There is a different procedure with lost or stolen passports though. You can read about it in our blog as well.


How to change my address on my passport officially?

Generally, you may change your passport mailing address by email or phone. The simplest way is to write a new address in the Personal Data & Emergency Contact section of your passport if it’s in your possession right now.

According to the official rules, you don’t need to apply for a new passport and update your address officially with the passport office or any other way. However, it is not obligatory, you can apply for a new passport with a changed address.

What else should I know when I apply for a passport change of address?

Please note that you can apply for your valid visa only when your passport is issued.

The application fee depends on the time you lodge your paperwork. If you apply for passport changes within 12 months of passport issuance, you don’t need to pay an application fee. If you pass 12 months, then there is a usual payment of $ 130 for a passport and $30 for a card.

Carefully choose the application form to make changes in your passport address, name, error, etc. You can choose the right form at the post office or on the official website of the US Department of State. Comfortably, use the following link to fill it out, then get it printed, and submit the required form.