How Long are a Passport Photo Good for in 2024?

February 14, 2024

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You might wonder if you really need to take a new passport photo for your passport application. Can’t you use the photo you’ve got from a few years ago? You probably haven’t changed a bit. Passport pictures can’t expire, can they?

These are the questions to be answered before you submit your passport paperwork to the passport office. This way, you’ll be fully confident your old passport photo won’t be rejected and the process delayed.

Let’s make it crystal clear how long passport photos are good for, how recent they need to be, and if digital passport photos expire too.

In Focus

How long are my passport photos good for?

As a rule of thumb, 6 months is the requirement for the passport photo recency set by the US Department of State. That means that your new photo for a passport must be good for under six months to submit with your passport application.

When applying for a new passport book or card, this parameter is crucial for the process to go smoothly. The period of six months is the limited age of a new passport photo. You need to retake it afterward.

It’s up to the passport officer to decide whether your new photo is acceptable and resembles you fully intact and follows all the other passport photo requirements.

How long is a new passport photo good for: adults vs. minors?

how often do passport photos expire

It’s good to know there is no difference in the question of how long passport pictures are good for whether it’s an adult or minor applicant. The passport photo recency and expiration rule are all the same—6 months, regardless of whether it’s an adult or a child, a first-time passport application or a renewal.

Do digital passport photos expire?

It might seem that a digital passport photo expiration is a different matter. The passport image doesn’t crease or fade. But this is not what we should focus on. It’s the recency of your current appearance that is a priority.

The airport face recognition system and border security officers must be able to identify you with the passport picture you’ve got in your document.

Hence, if you have a passport-style picture, unexpired (of less than a six-month validity) and compliant, you can easily take it to a printing shop, store, or pharmacy to get a printed version. Then, simply submit it to the passport agency for your passport.

Obtain recent passport photos that are good for the right period

how long passport photos good for

Let’s take the guesswork out of how long your passport photos are good for and if you apply with a passport photo older than needs to be. Just take a brand-new, freshly done passport picture right here that reflects your current appearance.

The great news is that you can even take a new passport photo without getting off the sofa. These are the steps to take:

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  • Take a photo now or upload the most recent one you have.
  • The system will do all the work on the fly: change the background, set the valid parameters and proportions, tune the lighting, etc. This way, your photo meets the passport photo guidelines set by the US Department of State.
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Do passport photos expire: summary

If you have a passport photo older than 6 months to hand in with your passport application, please note that such a photo is not valid. Do not hesitate to take a more recent photo.

By submitting paperwork with a new passport photo, you can preserve your peace of mind and be sure you follow the official guidelines.

Happy passport photography!