Fred Meyer Passport Photo: Available Online 2024

February 8, 2024

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fred meyer passport photo cost

There are a great number of places in the United States where you can take a perfect passport photo. However, it’s always handy to have a passport photo facility somewhere around.

Can you take a passport photo at Fred Meyer for your passport application? Or can they only print your own passport picture if you have it in a digital version?

Let’s clarify this question and learn ways to get your passport photos without taking them at Fred Meyer’s at a reasonable cost.

In Focus

Fred Meyer passport photos

We are not going to beat around the bush. According to Fred Meyer’s official website, you can print passport photos at Fred Meyer. However, there is no facility to take an actual passport photo.

How much do Fred Meyer passport photos cost?

fred meyer passport photo price

If you take a photo at home, you can take your own passport picture to Fred Meyer’s for printout. There are a few ways to bring the file to the shop. Send your pic through email, save the picture on your mobile phone, cloud storage, or flash drive.

Fred Meyer passport photo printing will cost you less than a dollar. At the moment, it’s $0.20 for a 4×6 photo that will fit two 2×2 inch US passport photos. You do not need an appointment for that. The Fred Meyer clerk will assist you all the way through.

What is the passport photo size at Fred Meyer?

To take a passport photo for printing at Fred Meyer, make sure it complies with passport photo regulations set by the US Department of State. The first thing you should remember is that the photo of your future passport must be 2×2 inches in square ratio and in color.

You can find the rest of the obligatory parameters right below in the table.

From chin to top of the head


Background color



1 inch-1 3/8 inches

Not allowed


Neutral expression

Everyday or formal

Hats, uniform, glasses





Not allowed

Allowed for medical and religious purposes


6 months old or less


no smile


Other Fred Meyer passport photo requirements

fred meyer photos passport

Passport-size photos printed at Fred Meyer’s must adhere to a few more official rules. Otherwise, you risk your photo being rejected by the passport office or agency. Let’s brush them up.

Passport photo background

The background must be not only white or off-white but plain without a shadow. No textures, ornaments, or stripes.

Lighting and glare

Ensure you wear nothing shiny or glittery. This way, you are likely to avoid glare or lit-up spots in the passport photo when you take it for print to Fred Meyer.

If you take your picture by yourself, it’s preferable to have daytime lighting for a natural-looking photo. Avoid under or overexposure. To do that, get a good position before the actual passport photo shoot: not too close or too far away from the camera lens.


Dress casually. Or go a bit more formal if you plan to go on business often with your passport. You can choose any color, however, it’s best to avoid light colors in order not to dissolve in the white background.

Applicants must avoid accessories like headgear, headphones, earbuds, lenses, or glasses of any kind.

Headwear like hijab and turban are acceptable. It’s advisable to provide a supporting statement. It’s allowed to cover the head for medical reasons for a passport photo.

How to print passport photos at Fred Meyer cheaply?

When it comes to passport photos printed at Fred Meyer or taken at some other store, it’s good to keep your budget safe. Here are ways to do so.

DIY and print at Fred Meyer for cents

Snap an image following the criteria set by the US Department of State and the concise guide below on how to make a passport photo at home with a mobile or digital camera.

Step 1: Set a tripod or a camera 4 feet away from you, your face fully visible. Or ask a friend to take your pic. Selfies are not allowed and are not acceptable by the passport agency.

Step 2: Ensure you have no filter on your camera as you need to avoid Instagram-worthy pictures for your passport.

Step 3: Use a photo-editing program to make a perfect 4×6 passport photo template that fits two 2×2 snapshots.

Then, you can print your passport image at Fred Meyer (or any other printing shop) for cents, using email, mobile phone, cloud storage, or flash drive. Search Fred Meyer’s nearest location. You can always contact Fred Meyer Photo Share Digital Services for more descriptions and prices online.

Proven way to get passport photos without taking them at Fred Meyer

fred meyer passport photo cost

Use PhotoBooth Online at a reasonable price. If it’s too much trouble to take and edit your passport photo by yourself, that’s what you can do.

  • Employ PhotoBooth Online right here by clicking the green button.
  • Upload a passport-looking photo or take a brand-new one.
  • Wait a few seconds and get a corrected, government-compliant passport picture.
  • If you dislike the result or miss one of the parameters, you can easily retake your image for free.
  • You’ll be given step-by-step instructions all the way through.
  • You get a passport photo home delivery and a digital copy to your inbox.

Thus, you are ready for your passport application process at rocket speed.

Fred Meyer locations and passport photos

You can easily find the list of Fred Meyer locations on their website in order to print your passport pictures there.

All you need is to enter a postal code, your city, or state to set up your store search. You can look at their directory and find a few stores nearby. Learn operational hours for Fred Meyer by calling them before you head off to the store.

Please note Fred Meyer can only print your digital passport photo in the store. It’s not an acceptance facility, and you can’t take photos there.