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Why Get AAA Passport Photos with PhotoBooth Online?

Quick & Free

You can spend $13 to buy your passport photos at AAA, or you can take your free digital photo on our site and print it for cents at a local photocopying shop. With our service, there are no appointment or choose-one-out-of-three-photos options. You get myriads of shots in the comfy surroundings of your home anytime.

Passport Photo AAA-acceptable

Wish to close your eyes and have a biometric passport picture file in hand to print at AAA stores or anywhere else? We can make it happen. In 2 seconds, you get two acceptable photos charged up with compliance according to the official requirements. And you needn’t save the rules onto your mental computer. Don’t overload. Let the AI do the job.

Print Tips for AAA

As passport photo experts, we constantly improve our service and listen to what our users experience, say, and need for a quick and convenient AAA passport photo. While we are selecting the best printing opportunities, we’ll share with you the most affordable ways to the best printed passport photo. Read on to learn the details.

“A” Class Format

With PhotoBooth Online, you get document photos for free with a variety of options. Choose a single-photo electronic file to apply online with your US passport application or download a 4x6 two-photo template for print at AAA or other facilities. Once on paper, all you need to do is take your scissors and cut out 2x2 passport photos. Apply by mail for a passport renewal or in person with a hard copy. 

How to Get Passport Photos for AAA?

  1. Take passport photo alike aaa
    STEP 1
    Take a headshot
  2. Download the resulting image
    STEP 2
    Download passport photo

6 Thumbs-up for AAA Passport Pictures with PhotoBooth Online

  1. Technology Opens New Ways

    It’s common sense for all of us to go to a photo studio, photobooth, private photographer, or local store when it comes to passport photos. No one would object to or doubt the decision. It only means that we have a great deal more to investigate in life. Why not try a fully valid photo for your new document prepared for you online?
  2. AAA Passport Picture Online

    Any facility, including AAA pharmacies, will give you a few shots to choose from, and it’s usually never enough to pick the one you like. It has nothing to do with being photogenic, but with lighting and angle. That is why you can employ PhotoBooth Online to make as many free passport photos as you need until you get the one. They will be all valid.
  3. Verification Guarantee

    Have you read passport photo rules yet? It’s straightforward, but it’s also a long list to digest. Unfortunately, even well-trained photographers and photo assistants at stores and pharmacies can make a mistake. To avoid that, we have a well-developed validation system: artificial intelligence does the job, walks you through the criteria to avoid pitfalls, and streamlines manual validation.
  4. Does AAA Do U.S Passport Photos?

    They take great photos, and you can use their passport photo facilities. If there are no locations near you, use an alternative. Upload a picture from your memory card onto our site, or take a brand new image with a smartphone or computer camera. Give AI a few seconds and seize the day – a perfect passport photo for AAA at your service. Need a print? Learn the best way below.
  5. Triple A Perfect Photo

    Passport applications require a verified image to attach when you visit the passport office or apply by mail. AAA passport photo requirements per US Department of State include plain white background, no headphones or glasses, no uniforms, or too extravagant clothing, etc. There is also a pose, pout, and squinting check for a photo of the U.S passport.
  6. AAA Passport Photo Appointment

    The store has got opening hours for a passport photo take. It’s usually from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Sometimes, office hours aren't suitable for us. What if you could take your picture for the document day or night anywhere at all? Sounds awesome? Now you can. Our free service works 24/7 to try a convenient way without leaving your place.


  1. How to take free passport photos at AAA?

    The pharmacy charges $13 for two passport photos. AAA members get a good discount of $3. The offices advance their perks to a nominal fee:

    1. Plus AAA member spends $7 per set of two images.
    2. Premier-level members enjoy a free pair for one household. A second set and the ones after that are $7 per set of two.
    3. Non-members are charged exactly $12.95 per two images.

    Unfortunately, you cannot obtain a free passport photo visiting AAA. Alternatively, use our website to take and validate your passport photo with no limits to the official requirements of the US Department of State.

  2. Triple AAA passport photos: is there any alternative?

    Yes. You don’t need to travel a long distance to find an AAA office if it’s not based locally. There are other options to take advantage of and take a passport photo. The price varies from $13 up to $20. The following facilities can help you offline:

    1. libraries,
    2. community centers,
    3. big retail stores,
    4. pharmacies,
    5. physical photobooths (being a rare occasion now),
    6. passport expedite services.

    Another option is to go for an online professional service. Very few of them are free, but PhotoBooth Online is.
    Here is a tip you can make the most of for a compliant US passport photo. When you get a verified two-photo image on our site, save it to your flash memory card. Take it to the AAA store and get it printed as a 4×6 postcard for 35 cents. Save money, value your time, and don’t wait for a passport photo in lines.

  3. Does AAA take passport photos?

    Yes. Some location offices have photo-taking offerings. Check the location for your region and the opening hours in advance. To do that, you need to use the AAA official website, know your ZIP code, and find the point that is closest to your home or work.

  4. Which AAA offices do passport photos?

    To be sure that passport photos at AAA local branch are available, go to their site, enter your Zip code, and click locations at the header. Then tick the left-hand box with AAA passport photos and search for the full-service office on the map for your area.