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How to Take Passport Photo on iPhone?

Take your selfie on iPhone
You take a photo with your shoulders and chest in it
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AI checks your photo
Our app resizes it & expert check the photo
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Download digital passport photo
In 3 minutes, you get a photo that meets NZ requirements

Why to Trust PhotoBooth Online?

Unlimited and Mobile-Friendly

Try as many photos as you want, no limits or watermark. Create 35 mm x 45 mm passport photos online. Use the app on PC or iPhone.

NZ Government Compliant

Create and download digital passport photos with the correct background, head height, dimensions, and resolution according to the New Zealand Government requirements. Check the ID photo against the official guidelines and submit passport application online.

For Passport, Visa & ID Card

Upload your picture to our passport photo app or take a new one with your phone camera. Create a perfect photo in 2 minutes. Apply online or renew NZ passport or ID card.

Beautiful Digital Biometric Photo

Get high quality digital pics for your identity and travelling document. Our tool resizes photo to the required 900 x 1200 pixels size, between 250KB and 10MB.
passport photo requirements nz

New Zealand Passport & Visa Photo Size

  1. Size
    Printed Photo Size
    35x45 mm (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
  2. Resolution
    Print Quality
    1000 dpi
  3. Image Parameters
    Head Parameters
    Head height: 29-34 mm
  4. Online Submission
    Digital Photo Size
    4500 px wide & 6000 px tall
  5. print
    Digital File Size
    from 250KB to 5MB
  6. Background
    Background Color
    Light grey

New Zealand Passport Photo Requirements & Dimensions

  1. Composition: Eyes, Face Expression, Smile

    Head must be centred in the frame, with both ears and the upper tip of the shoulders visible. The face should occupy at least 80% of the photo, with the eyes open and looking directly at the camera. No glare on glasses if worn, and the applicant's facial expression should be neutral, with their mouth closed and no smiling.
  2. High Resolution & Image Format

    This app ensures that the photo quality is clear and high. The photo must be printed on high-quality photographic paper and must be of a standard 35x45 mm passport size. The image will be in high-quality JPEG file format, with a resolution of 300 DPI.
  3. Right Size & Background

    We'll turn all your pictures into four 35 x 45 photos as requested by the New Zealand Government Identity guidelines. We'll set the required size in pixels and cm/mm! The image must have a plain white or off-white background with no shadows or objects visible in the background. The photo will be clear, sharp and in focus, with no parts of the applicant's face obscured.
  4. Clothing and Accessories

    Wear everyday clothing without hats, headgear or other accessories. Religious attire that is worn daily can be worn in the photo as long as the applicant's full face and neck are visible. The applicant's face and neck must also be uncovered to avoid any concealing or disguising of the physical features. Sunglasses cannot be worn in the picture.
  5. Acceptable ID & Visa Photos

    Your passport photo must meet certain requirements to avoid any delays or rejections in the passport application process. We check & verify that your photo is suitable for both NZ passport and visa application.
  6. Guarantee of Acceptance

    Genuine ISO biometric passport photos ready for online application or print on photo quality paper. We adhere to the NZ passport photo guidelines. The resulting printable image can be validated in NZ passport photo checker for the rules.

Passport Photo NZ FAQ

  1. What to wear for passport photo?

    When it comes to passport photos in New Zealand, the government doesn’t have a hard-and-fast dress code. It’s suggested that you wear formal attire on the upper part of your body for official documents. Headgear, uniforms, and large hair accessories are not allowed, though exceptions can be made for religious or medical reasons. To achieve a polished look, it’s best to choose clothing with a sharp contrast. This includes shirts, tank tops, blouses, polo shirts, jackets, vests, suits, blazers, long sleeves, and religious attire. Make sure your face and neck are the focus of the photo, and keep a neutral expression with your forehead and eyebrows relaxed. Hair should not obscure your face, and hats, head coverings, sunglasses, jewellery, or other large accessories are not permitted.

  2. How to take passport photo using phone?

    Taking a passport photo at home is made easy with the New Zealand Government Website. All you need is a smartphone camera (Android or iPhone) and a plain white background like a wall.

    With the PhotoBooth Online cropper tool, you can easily upload, resize, and crop your photos to the correct format.

    Here are some tips and tricks on taking your passport photo at home:

    Dress according to the tutorial and remove any head coverings or facial jewellery, unless it’s for religious reasons.
    Glasses are fine, as long as they don’t cause reflection.
    Light makeup is allowed, but no filters or effects should be used.
    Ensure good lighting with no shadows on your face, keep your head straight and eyes open, and don’t smile.
    Once you’ve taken the photo, upload it to PhotoBooth Online and download the result. You can now enjoy your best passport picture ever!

  3. What is NZ passport photo size?

    Singapore passport photo size is 35mm wide and 45mm high. 75% of your headshot or between 32mm and 36mm high from the crown of your head to your chin should be fulfilled with your head. As for digital colourful passport photo width and height dimensions, the size is between 900 and 4500 pixels wide, and 1200 and 6000 pixels high. The file size is between 250KB and 10MB, saved in .jpg or .jpeg format.

  4. How to print a passport photo on your own home photo printer?

    Online Passport Photo Maker allows you to print the correct size photos. Using this online photo editor is as easy as riding a bike. Save the printable image file and use on your HP, Canon, or Epson digital photo printer to print your passport photos at home.

    You can have the pictures printed on high-quality 4 x 6 inches or 10 x 15 cm photograph paper with a weight of 120-170 GSM, similar to Fujifilm Crystal Archive which ensures preservation of the prints. Enhance your borderless portait prints on traditional silver halide, C-types, and Giclée fine art photographic prints by adding glossy, lustre, or matte finishes. Experience a deep white base, excellent contrast, vivid colors, and impeccable image stability on top-notch photographic papers.

    Below you can find photos printing tutorials for PC & mobile.

    How to print passport photos on Windows 10 & Mac?

    If you use a computer with Windows 10-11 or Mac, you can print your passport pictures via Windows/OSX system menu. Remember, you must use a photo printer instead of an office document printer! Here’s some steps to help you to do it:

    1. Save the printable .JPG image file with four 35 x 45 mm images in it
    2. Right-click on the file, choose the Print option > your printer name
    3. Pick the 10x15cm photo type size
    4. Apply these settings: portrait orientation, colourful image, no borders
    5. Start printing on matte photo paper

    Or you may open new photos in MS Paint or Mac Preview. Open your passport photo, click File>Print, and follow the software wizard. When you finish printing, cut out the pictures to apply for a new document.

    How to print passport size photo from iPhone, Android phone, iPad?

    Link your Android phone or iOS mobile to a wireless colour printer. In your phone’s gallery or digital camera roll, tap on your picture and scroll to the Share icon, among sharing icons select the Print one. Choose your wireless printer, 10×15 cm paper format, and print your photos in original proportions.

  5. How to check passport photo per New Zealand requirements?

    Requirement Accepted Prints & Digital Pictures
    Color In colour, no black and white photos
    Recency Photo must be taken within the last 6 months
    Print Size 35 mm wide x 45 mm high or 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm
    Print Resolution Matte photo paper, at least 600 DPI for printed photos
    Digital Dimensions Between 900 and 4500 pixels wide, and 1200 and 6000 pixels high
    Digital File Format Digital images must be saved in JPG or JPEG. No PNG, GIF, WebP
    Digital File Size Upload files must be between 250 kB and 5 MB in size
    Image quality HD photo, no filters, no blur, no shadows
    Aspect Ratio Digital photos must be 3:4
    Background Plain, light grey or cream
    Head Size Head should be 80% of the picture. 32mm-36mm.
    Expression Neutral, mouth closed, no smiling
    Glasses OK if eyes are clearly visible, no glare
    Head Covering Only for religious or medical reasons, face must be visible
    Hair & clothing Hair not covering the face, contrast clothing is recommended

    Remember, you check all requirements much easier – just upload your photo to our passport photo app. It’s free.