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Why Choose PhotoBooth Online?

It's Free

Most passport photo services in Australia cost unreasonably much. But with our website, you won't have to pay a cent for your print-ready image.

It's Convenient

Getting your headshot at the nearest Officeworks store will take time and effort. Yet, doing it here will cost you a couple of minutes, and that's it!

It's Acceptable

Compliance is everything to us! Let our service make your Australian passport photo, and we'll make sure it's per the government and ICAO guidelines.

It's Ready to Print

You won't need to worry about your image's size and specs: our digital photo booth gives you an image you can have printed on high-quality gloss paper.

Ready Your Passport Photo for Printing at Officeworks

  1. take a digital photo with your camera
    STEP 1
    Take a headshot
  2. download the converted digital copy of your office works passport photos
    STEP 2
    Save your new passport pics

8 Benefits of PhotoBooth Online Over Store Services

  1. Do It Instantly

    No matter whether you visit an Officeworks location or another professional photographer. Both will have the same price: your valuable time and effort. Get your photo right here, right now and save both of these resources.
  2. Get Fussy

    When having your passport photo taken in the office supplies shop, you don't have a lot of attempts to get it perfect. In contrast to this, PhotoBooth Online lets you process as many headshots as you want (and pick the best one).
  3. Apply Easier

    In a passport application, there's no room for mistakes! This is where our verifier comes in. It checks your photo against the rules of the government and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). We guarantee satisfaction!
  4. Use Any Picture

    According to government rules, a suitable passport photo must have a specific size and background. Our website will make your snapshot exactly like this! As long as you're looking straight into the camera, even a selfie will do.
  5. Print At Once

    In Australia, it's not enough to get a JPEG: you need to reproduce it on high-quality gloss paper, too. With this in mind, our service ensures that your photo meets all the parameters so that any store or office can get it printed.
  6. Take Baby Pics

    Need Australian passport photos taken for your child? Officeworks won't be able to help you if the little one is under three (company policy). Unlike the store, PhotoBooth Online has no limits: we welcome customers of any age!
  7. Pay Nothing

    Be it a local business or an online app, having a shot for your travel document is usually a paid service. As for us, we don't have a price tag: our customers can get and download a ready passport photo template for free, no strings attached.
  8. Share Your Feedback

    Once you've used our service to create a document picture for submission, please give us your opinion on it! Was PhotoBooth Online convenient? Would you like us to develop an app? If you've got insights, send them to hello@photobooth.online.

F.A.Q. on Officeworks Photos and Alternatives

  1. Does Officeworks do passport photos?

    Yes, this office supplies store does provide such a service. If you’re in the process of document renewal and need an Australian passport photo, come visit the nearest Officeworks store.
    One of the employees will wait on you and help you through the whole thing: he or she will arrange the lighting, set up the camera and take your image.
    Once the passport photo is done, the employee will also check your photographs for compliance. If you want to follow the approved government standards: eyes wide open, neutral facial expression, no shadows, correct head proportions, plain background and decent image quality and contrast (no photoshop though!).
    As soon as Officeworks sees that everything’s okay, they’ll give you photo prints that you can submit for renewal.

  2. What is the Officeworks passport photo price?

    The answer will vary depending on the type of service.
    Most likely, you need to take an Australian passport photo from scratch. In this case, your photoshoot (with proper lighting, high-quality camera, etc.) and photo printing will cost you $16.95.
    There’s also an option for those who want it cheaper! You can create passport photos yourself and just head to the nearest Officeworks store to have them printed out for $0.15 only! Here’s how you do it:

    1. Create a printable 4×6 template with at least two copies of your passport photo in it
    2. Access the store’s home page (it’s www.officeworks.com.au)
    3. Navigate to Print & Copy > Home Decor & Memory Keepsakes > Photo Prints
    4. Select the 6×4″ (15x10cm) format

    Upload the passport-size photo. Officeworks gives you two options: either pick them up at one of the office supplies stores or have them delivered to your home. Please note that the latter will cost more.
    As an alternative, you can download the Photos at Officeworks mobile application on your phone. It has the feature to have your photo printed there—you can install it on your smartphone via App Store or Google Play.

  3. Why use PhotoBooth Online when Officeworks has a dedicated application?

    For those who need an Australian passport photo, these two options actually serve two very different purposes. Let’s break both options down.
    The Officeworks app can only be used to have your photos printed. It doesn’t have any features that would allow you to make your image into a passport photo compliant in Australia.
    On the other hand, the PhotoBooth Online service can be used exactly for this. Using only your phone, you can take an image of yourself and upload it to this page. Wait a moment or two, and we’ll convert it into a passport photo that meets the AU government standards and the ICAO’s specifications (International Civil Aviation Organisation). In fact, we give a satisfaction guarantee: each passport photo we make is checked for compliance to make sure it’s accepted.
    Once your photo is processed, you can either reproduce it with your own printer or take it to any local place that can get it printed. Again, Officeworks Ltd provides such services for little money.