Passport Photos at Kmart:
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4 Steps to Get Kmart Passport Pictures

1. Upload a usual photo

Take a usual full-face picture of yourself: make sure to keep a straight pose, look into the camera and have your face evenly lit. Then, upload your image here to have your Kmart passport photos prepared.

2. Let us prepare your picture

In no time, we'll process the uploaded picture in accordance with the official Australian passport photo standards: crop it to the required 35x45 size, remove the background and adjust the proportions.

3. Preview your passport photo

After processing, you'll see a preliminary version of your new Kmart passport photo. You can retake it for free if needed. If you're happy with how the preview picture looks, choose how you prefer to get it.

4. Save template and order prints

Save the digital 4x6" template with your new Kmart passport pictures. Then, visit the store or use the online printing service to print your Kmart passport photos (for details, see the FAQ below).

Get a Ready-Made Template Now

  1. take a picture or upload it from your camera roll
    STEP 1
    Upload a photo to process
  2. download the digital picture to print at Kmart or with a printer
    STEP 2
    Save your printable image

Passport Photo at Kmart: Options in 2024

  1. Kmart Photo Prices

    You can get Kmart passport photos today—prepare a verified digital picture and have your passport pictures printed at any Kmart store. As an alternative, you can order printouts online for the same price (with a free pick-up) on the official Kmart website. For printing instructions, see the FAQ below.
  2. In-Store Passport Pictures

    Kmart stores do not offer the option to have your passport photo taken. However, there are kiosks where you can print pictures taken elsewhere. For example, prepare them here: upload a usual full-face photo to convert it into a Kmart-ready printable template (for details on printing, see the FAQ).
  3. Photo Kiosk Locations

    To print a passport photo at Kmart, you will need to use the dedicated Kodak Moments photo kiosk located at almost any Kmart photo center. Use the store locator to find where you can print your image. Alternatively, you can order passport picture prints in the online service or via the Kmart app.
  4. Home Delivery

    You can have your printouts shipped right to your home—as soon as your biometric pictures are prepared, expert-verified and printed out, enter your home address and order shipping. Your printed Kmart passport photos will be delivered to you within the next 4–10 working days.
  5. Picture Quality Assurance

    Kmart photo kiosks do not have any in-built photo verification systems. To make sure that the picture you're printing meets the requirements, prepare it in this online service: a certified expert will thoroughly check your Kmart passport photo against the Australian government rules.
  6. Kmart Opening Hours

    On average, Kmart locations open up at 7-8 AM and close at 9 PM. Please note that these hours can be shorter on weekends and bank holidays: in case you need a Kmart passport photo on a day off, you can prepare printed and digital pictures in the online service anytime it's convenient to you.

F.A.Q. on Kmart Photos

  1. How to print a passport photo at a Kmart store?

    1. Prepare a digital passport photo template that meets the required specifications like size, background colour, and so on (you can get a correct template on this page). Make sure to have the image on your smartphone and download the app called Kodak Moment.
    2. Visit your closest store that has a Kmart photo centre (check the website or call ahead to confirm that they offer photo printing services).
    3. Access the printing kiosk in the photo department and select the following options: Print and EnlargementsMake prints and EnlargementsMake Prints in Seconds. Make sure you do not add a white border.
    4. Choose the method of printing (from your smartphone) and the type of your device (iOS or Android).
    5. Connect to the kiosk via Wi-Fi using the on-screen password and transfer your photo from your phone.
    6. Mark the uploaded photo, choose the correct size (it’s 6×4″ or 15×10 cm) and tap Proceed. Check the total amount and tap Place Order.
    7. Wait for your picture to be printed and make your payment at the cashier desk.
  2. Does Kmart do passport photos?

    Currently, none of the Kmart stores in Australia offer such a service. However, they have special photo centres where you can print your passport photos or photos for other documents. If you have your passport photo saved in your phone, you can use Kmart’s Kodak Moments Kiosk. These are self-service photo printing stations that connect to your phone by Wi-Fi.

  3. How much do Kmart passport photos cost?

    The total price depends on the way you want to get your images printed. Once you’ve got your digital photos ready for printing, you have two options.
    The first one is to visit your local Kmart store yourself and have your prints of passport photos ready in a matter of minutes. In that case, these prints will cost you ten cents only.
    As an alternative, you can order photo printing online on Kmart’s website or mobile app. They don’t have sections dedicated to passport photos exactly, but they do allow you to set the photo sizes you need.
    If you choose to collect the printed images yourself, the price will be the same. But if you want them delivered straight to your home address, the price will be considerably higher. Please also note that you can’t pay on delivery here – you’ll have to pay for your photos when ordering them.

  4. What's the point of using PhotoBooth Online when Kmart has its own photo application?

    Kmart passport photos
    The Kmart Photos App is most useful when you want to order passport photos online. Meanwhile, PhotoBooth Online is a go-to when you need to prepare your image per the passport requirements there are in Australia.
    Kmart’s app does allow you to retouch your photo, but you have to do it yourself, and the passport office will likely reject a manually-edited image. In comparison, our site edits automatically and verifies the resulting photo to make sure the government will accept it.

  5. What are the benefits of PhotoBooth Online?

    Get Passport Photos Cheaper

    An out-of-home photo take may prove costly (say, it’s $16.95 at Officeworks). Save money by doing it yourself here and printing at a Kmart photo centre. Or use your own printer and pay nothing at all.

    Stay at Home

    What with today’s increased pace of life, going someplace for a photo take may disrupt your schedule. With PhotoBooth Online, you don’t have to go anywhere. Simply upload and get your passport photo right here.

    Print Straight Away

    The Australian passport office requires you submit two photos for your new passport. We keep that detail in mind. PhotoBooth Online can give you a neat template with four copies of your image.

    Keep the High Quality

    Many online photo services make photos a bit fuzzy. As for us, we don’t compromise on quality. If you upload a high-definition image, your passport photo will still be in HD.

    Submit and Forget

    The AU government is pretty strict when it comes to photo size, proportions, et cetera, et cetera. You don’t need to bother. We’ll make sure you’re all good and the passport office accepts your photos.

    Be As Picky As You Like

    We all can get quite fussy when it comes to photos of ourselves. Most photographers won’t bear with you to take snap after snap until you get a perfect Kmart passport photo. Unlike them, our site lets you take your time.

    Tell Us What You Think

    Did you like PhotoBooth Online? If not, what can we do to improve your experience? Feel free to write us at Your feedback helps us fine-tune the service and add more functions.

  6. Will the Australian Passport Office accept passport photos made via PhotoBooth Online?

    Yes, they will. Our photo processing algorithms follow the Australian government’s requirements on passport photos. And whenever these requirements alter, we update the algorithms accordingly. So each photo we process has the right size and proportions, plain background, proper contrast, even lighting and no shadows.
    Plus, we can prepare a two-image template used for passports and other documents. Once your passport photos are ready (and this will be quick), you can download and have them printed at the nearest store, no further actions required.