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AusPost Passport Pictures: The Options You Get

Same-Day Photo Prints

Get Australian Post passport photos at 76% off today: have your biometric image prepared and expert-verified, then pick up passport picture prints in any store. As another option, you can get same-day photos at a post office for $19.95.

AU-Wide Home Shipping

If you don't have time to visit a nearby post office to have your image taken, consider the online option. When preparing your photos here, you can enter your home address and have your post office passport photos delivered to your doorstep.

Digital Picture Copy

At an Australia Post outlet, you can ask the employee to email you the digital version of your passport photo. If you need a digital image only, consider using the online service to get it done and verified for you in a couple of minutes.

Image Quality Assurance

The post office employee will check your picture against Australian Government and ICAO standards. The same verification is done here: a trained expert will check your AusPost passport photo so that you get it right the first time. Satisfaction guaranteed!

How to Get Australia Post Passport Photo

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  2. download ready passport photo
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    Preview and order prints

Passport Photos at Australia Post: Common Questions

  1. Does AusPost do passport photos?

    You can have your pictures taken at any participating Australia Post office. There's no need to book a photo session—simply visit the closest outlet and let the staff know you need passport photos. In minutes, one of the employees will take and certify your image and help you to organise your application to the passport office. If you need a photo only, use the online service.
  2. Which post offices do photos?

    Before going to your nearest Australia Post department, access the official post office finder and check if it does take passport photos. If this outlet does not provide such a service, consider having your passport pictures taken right here. In a few minutes, you'll get a free preview of your biometric pictures with the option to have them printed.
  3. What are Aus Post opening hours?

    From Monday till Friday, most post office outlets open at 9 AM and wrap up at 5 PM. On Saturdays, the hours are significantly shorter, and most branches work until 12 or 1 PM only. Finally, every Sunday is a day off. In case you can't fit into this schedule, try preparing your passport photo here and order ready-to-submit printouts anytime it's convenient for you.
  4. How much are photos at post office?

    You can get Australia Post passport photos at 76% off. Have your biometric image prepared and printed, then pick up passport pictures in-store or order home delivery (digital copies included). As an alternative, you can get passport photos at any post office for $19.95. The price also includes application processing—if you don't need it, consider the online option.
  5. Can I get a digital copy as well?

    When having your passport pictures taken at Australia Post, you can ask the employee to send the digital copy over to your email and/or save it in your Digital ID. The same feature is available in the remote service: you can instantly save the high-quality JPEG with your passport photo to your device or have the digital copy sent to your email.
  6. Any other passport picture options?

    If there aren't any Australia Post offices in your area that can take your passport photo, you can get printed pictures in some chain stores, photo booths, photo studios or online services. It may well be better in terms of cost and time efficiency: the online option allows you to prepare and order cheaper printed passport pictures in a matter of minutes.

Passport Images Service FAQ

  1. Why use PhotoBooth Online to get AusPost passport pictures?

    You won’t need to leave your house

    With us, you can order a set of Australia post passport photos without leaving home! No need to visit an Auspost office anymore: get compliant printed and digital photos for your passport here.

    It’s suitable for the official Australian document

    State-of-the-art AI algorithms audit your images so that they strictly observe mandatory photo requirements per Australian Government and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

    You’ll get a valid photo you really like

    Don’t agree to less. Have a perfect passport photo you actually like. Take as many images as you need. Until you get the one for your document for the next 10 years.

    Every photo is compliant

    Upload your photo from your lappy or smartphone. PhotoBooth Online will check and set up the correct size, background and dimension on the spot.

    It’s super easy to use

    Not super keen on public photo service? You won’t lean enough in the frame or fill too much of it? It takes time to line up or make an appointment. So do it easily — from home!

    Acceptance guaranteed

    It might be iffy to try and take a picture on your own. Heaps of set requirements to follow! Worry not. Use PhotoBooth Online to rely on innovative technology and nail the task in minutes.

    Make your own perfect photos

    Not fancy the pictures taken by a photographer or in the post office? Do it yourself with our tried and tested tool. Take batches of pictures until you’re stoked! Print the best one for a lower price.

    No stress, no hassle

    We reckon that lodging a passport application is hectic enough. We don’t want it to be rocket science to use our PhotoBooth. That’s why it’s intuitive and meant to save time and money. Try it out!

    Printed pictures done quick

    No photoshop, no airbrush, no drama! Your passport images meet all the official specifications. Order prints or obtain ideally sized digital photos to print out in a camera store for yourself and your family, if needed.

    Powered by neural networks

    Why miss out on new technologies? Neural networks are a guarantor to elevate quality and speed up passport picture verification. Enjoy high-quality pictures with rocket speed at home.

  2. How much do passport photos cost at the Australian Post?

    It’s A$19.95. You can pay cash or by card, via Mastercard, Visa or EFTPOS. 

  3. How much are passport photos at AusPost?

    It’s around A$20. Please remember that they also have a waiting list and listed priority processing to apply with your form faster. If you’re ready to pay more and get signed for priority, you can “jump in the line”. This way, you’ll receive your document not in weeks, but within several business days.

  4. How do I get a passport photo in Australia?

    There are two ways you can go:

    1. The Aus post office offers photos and applications services, in case you lost your passport, need to renew one, or you’re getting it the first time.
    2. If for some reason, you have second thoughts about whether to pay the extra price, take your verified picture at home with PhotoBooth. The service is tuned up to make sure that the photo meets all the requirements for wear, lighting, face, size, background, printed format, etc. The picture shows up ready in seconds. All you need is to download a ready JPEG/PNG file.


    Whatever option you’ll tap into, reap the benefits of the actionable tips. When posing, hold your back straight. With your shoulders down. Make sure your chin is parallel to the ground. Try to be positive-looking as if smiling with your eyes, aka smizing (but not smiling). It’ll soften your look and give you a more natural expression for the photo you’ll love.

  5. Does AusPost take photos for a passport?

    Yes. You can choose to find your post office nearby and apply for your document with pictures taken there. Or, if you care to create your own pictures at your home convenience in advance and with no fee, try out our website for these reasons.

  6. Does my local post office take photographs for a passport?

    Don’t be taking off to get your pictures before you read the information on opening times of your local office. You can start by checking their website in the Pricing & locations section. They share an update on their site when the post office is open.

  7. How many passport pictures do they provide at post offices?

    You’ll receive two photos (which are identical) at the office, and you can submit your documents. They will also send you a digital copy to your email address.

  8. Can I take a selfie?

    Yes. However, we would suggest taking your picture through our free tool. There are a few important guidelines per the passport office you should observe to avoid mistakes, not to get a rejected application, and be fully accepted when you apply:

    1. The required size for the picture is 35mm x 40mm in width, 45mm x 50mm in height.
    2. Note your printed picture should address the following rules at its maximum: the size, lighting, head coverings worn only for religious reasons (no pattern), not tilted head position, neutral facial features, no hats, no sunnies or glasses, no lenses reflection.
    3. No retouching to clearly see your identity.
    4. Wear no jewellery in the area of your nose, face or eyes.
    5. They accept and confirm a plain light-coloured or plain white background so that your face will stand out.
  9. Can I use my images of a year old or a coupla years old?

    Unfortunately, it’s not allowed to use images out of date that is several years old. It’s notified that they must be less than 6 months old. Otherwise, the application won’t be complete, you might receive a rejection, and have to replace your picture.

  10. Should it be glossy paper?

    It’s a fact, the paper does matter. The allowed printing paper kind is glossy with a matte style texture, hence the hybrid. Please do planning prior to moving! Before a visit, we recommend, you find and check with your local camera store or private photo studio that the paper types for print follow the requirements. When confirmation is received, be confident to print them at these stores.